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Gofannon Forge Boss wave is painful.

So to start the one I'm sure everyone knows, the Servitors can make each other immune (specifically the BOSS can be immune) and while it would be fine and manageable in other encounters the 2 minute timer mixed with the 2nd issue makes this unbearable, all you need to do is either change the servitors to not make other servitors immune (or just the boss) or swap servitors with a different enemy type (the only way to damage an immune servitor is to super it) The second issue is that the boss will teleport you every 2 seconds the good thing is this doesn't happen every run or even to every player but when it does happen by the time you reorient yourself and try to shoot the boss again you get teleported, this one I can see being relatively easy to fix I recommend "teleport someone at random every 5-10 seconds (never the same person twice in a row if possible if not possible only every 10 seconds) then teleport the whole team every 30 seconds or 3rd of health bar" that way he can't glitch out and teleport us so fast we get nauseous from the ride. I've also seen people complain that they get spawn trapped under the boss which I haven't had an issue with yet myself (I can usually run away before I take damage) but I can definitely see how infuriating that can be, I'd say just move that teleport location a bit away from spawn or even move spawn somewhere else (if you move spawn maybe in the metal tunnel at the back right of the map I don't care personally but it's a suggestion). Currently the only reliable way to deal with these problems is to nuke the boss as quickly as possible which unless your whole team is very high level and the right classes with the right weapons it's not likely and I don't know about any one else but I'm really sick of needing to rely on specific classes or weapons for enounters most of the time. P.S. while i'm at it is there a way you guys can make the batteries pick up more consistently holding the button to pick them up and not actually picking them up gives me the same feeling as my claustrophobia when I'm in a tight space and can't move (so basically pure agony) and I'm not joking it is legit painful i'm fine for the first few but if it happens enough times in a row I start freaking out. (does anyone else get even a similar feeling?)

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