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12/29/2018 10:33:58 PM

Destiny Clan Ranking System

Good afternoon all... I know this has been brought up before, but unfortunately went either unnoticed or bungie just didn't care. This is a very simple system to implement for those that want it. I would like a ranking system within the clan for admins to set. This system can either be setup by Bungie, or make it completely editable for the clan leader to setup the way they would like. My ideas are just that, my ideas/opinions. I am not expecting everyone to agree with me, nor am i saying that I am right, and everyone else is wrong...just how I personally would like it set up. If you agree with any of this, and would like the same, try to comment/upvote this so it gets noticed by the right people! So, here is the settings I would like to see. If you have any other suggestions to add to this, please comment! On Clan Page: [b][u]Under "Settings" - Then "General Settings"[/u][/b] Have option to turn on/off "Advanced Ranking System". That way people that don't want this, don't have to have it! [b][u]Under "Settings" - Then "General Settings" - Then (NEW) "Member Ranking Setup"[/b][/u] Under this settings tab, there can be multiple ranking settings to configure. Categories like the following: - Ranks [Enable/Disable ranks you wish to use] [i] Have multiple ranks available here to enable within your clan ranking [u]could[/u] look something like this: Founder - Admin - Officer - Guides - Members - New Members /// You could even go as far as setting up "tags" - Such as Recruiter - Event Planner - etc..[/i] - Rank Responsibilities [Set each rank description, clan responsibilities, etc] [i] Here you could input customer rank descriptions, requirements to reach that rank, and the responsibilities associated with being in that rank[/i] [b][u]Under "Settings" - Scroll down to see members[/u][/b] - Currently, on this screen, each member has Ban, Kick, Promote, Demote. Either leave "Promote", and have that open a pop up asking which rank and/or tags to assign to that member, or change the word "Promote" to "Set Rank". [b][i][u]Summary[/b][/i][/u] So, basically, what I would like is a ranking system that can be enabled and disabled at the clan leader's discretion. If enabled, the leader/founder could then edit and set up the available ranks, enabling and disabling each available rank so that he or she can make it and run their clan how they see fit. This is not just to simply look fancy on your bungie clan page, but serves multiple purposes. For example, new members would be able to instantly know and understand the ranks, and with a brief description, know how to obtain each rank...aka - give the members something to strive for...give them a reason to be active in the clan and have fun with other people. Give them a reason to help new members, new players, or even experienced players get things done. The goal here is to ultimately bring the clan and its members closer together. Also, it would make it very clear as to who is in a "command" position within the clan, rather than just say "admin"...and with the available tags that could be applied to any would also make it easier if someone had ideas for a clan event, or if their friend could get a clan invite...they would know immediately who to turn to for advice. I also believe, in order to retain, or even obtain new members, that you should be able to reward your members with a designated rank within the clan without having to hand over full admin capabilities. Meaning, if someone has been a member for a long time, and is always communicating through clan chat, or setting up events with other members, or even introducing the clan to new could reward this member with a different rank within the clan to display their importance and your appreciation for their service. Some of you will think I took this too far, or i am overthinking it. Just as this is my opinion, i honor yours. I enjoy having structure within an organization, and honestly, a well ran clan is nothing more or less than a organization. It would be so easy to implement these features into the bungie website. Also, with the enable/disable feature, those of you who don't care about ranking don't actually have to use it, but those that do want all those features, can have them and set them up how we see suggestion should cover all the bases for clan leaders in regards to wanting to implement this, or skipping it. All I ask, is if you would like this implemented, please "up vote" this post so we can get it seen by more people. Also, if you have anything to add to this, I would love your suggestions...please comment with them and maybe we can get even more attention to it, and make creating/running a destiny clan not so "cookie-cutter" and make each clan be a bit more unique. Also, since many of the larger, or honestly, even smaller clans now have discord servers. It wouldn't hurt to throw in a setting under "Clan Motto" on the same screen that says "Discord Server", where you can post the invite link to your server. If left blank, the field wouldn't even populate on the bungie clan page. One more suggestion, is add the capability to "Ally" with other clans. In the clan settings, you could have an allies section, where you start typing a clan name and have options begin to pop up for the best matched to what you were searching...then you could have it send a "Clan Ally Request". The other clan could approve or deny it, and then somewhere on the bungie clan page under the description for potential members it could list allied clans. I sincerely thank you all for reading this, and I hope that this gets seen by the right people to possibly get this going! Have a happy and safe new year to all of you...and happy gaming!

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