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12/18/2018 9:51:45 PM

Everything the top level players tell you about SBMM is wrong. Here are the truths they don't want you to understand.

Before I begin and before you watch the video above, I also [url=]made a primer video[/url] which goes over the basic tenets and framework of how Destiny 2 PvP works to give a better understanding of the process as a whole. This has been an ongoing discussion and I have been posting heavily on this topic since the last Iron Banner and despite having posted a ton of statistics, the higher tier players continue to spread the same false claims as to how sbmm works, such as [quote]Skill based matchmaking takes the place of connection based matchmaking and causes lag.[/quote] [quote]With skill factored in matchmaking, high and low skilled friends can't play together because the lower skilled friends only face players at their high skilled friend's level.[/quote] [quote]With skill factored, high skilled players can never just ''relax and have fun'' because every game is too ''sweaty'' and all they face are players their own skill level.[/quote] [quote]They don't want to play with sbmm because it let's them use different weapons and not have to run the same meta they play in Comp.[/quote] All of those claims are completely bogus and when challenged and corrected, the standard response is to of course tell us that we don't want to have to play better opponents and that the only way we can get better is to get our heads kicked in or by sitting and watching our teammates kick in the opposition's heads while we pick up scraps. The reality of course is that all we play are players our own skill or higher and they almost never play anyone at their own skill level, let alone above them. But saying is one thing and showing is another, so I invite you to watch the video above and see the truth behind the lies and understand exactly why those players want you to believe this is all in your best interests while they forever prey on you and your friends in an unending chain of pub-stomps. Thank you and hopefully Bungie addresses this in the near future. [spoiler]There are a few grammatical errors in the video. Was up all night and the words started running together eventually.[/spoiler]

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