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Spider bounties are still trash bungie

So does anyone actually do spider bounties besides the powerful gear one? Some probably do but I'm guessing most of you do not. And let's face it, 1 enhancement core to sit there for 30 minutes while you wait for the Arcadian achord to finally spawn, only to have someone who was much closer kill it on you is NOT worth it. So I have a suggestion that I think would truly help this enhancement core problem a bit that mostly casual players face but will also make it worth it for us hardcore no lifers. 3 enhancement cores PER bounty. There's what, 5 of them that offer cores? So for 3 hours of my time I get 5 cores? And yes, sometimes 3 hours. We've all been there , stuck waiting for a wanted enemy that randomly spawns somewhere in the sector we are in. 30+ mins go by and finally you see it pop up.. a wanted enemy appears.. your guardian finally stands up, knees cracking from sitting so long and it happens... A wanted enemy has dropped it's plunder.. it's just unacceptable bungie and kind of a spit in the face especially to people who work 9-5 and don't have all night to sit there and wait for a wanted enemy just to have it killed before they even see it. But if we were getting 3 cores per bounty then not only more people would grind them, it would help the casual players out immensely. Personally, I'm hurting a bit, SoF drained me dry leveling up 3 characters, got like 50 or so cores myself. But theres people who have 6x what I have , which is fine, y'all grind heavy and earned them. But for the most part, majority of people are truly lacking in the core Dept. And this would stop the whole "let's take enhancement cores out of infusion" talk. I get it bungie, you want people to play the game and really grind. And we do, you know we do. And the community is super hard on you and God only knows how annoying that is on top of trash EA games breathing down your neck about how much money forsaken made when all you wanna do is build an amazing game that everyone can love and appreciate. So for Christmas all I want from you bungie, is just a spider bounty fix. Make it worth it to sit there for the time we do. Yea, some of use will make off like bandits with 40+ cores, but even if it was 2 cores per bounty, you'd still be helping those casual players out while giving us no lifers a reason to go tackle those wanted bounties. And guardians, if you don't have a wanted bounty, and you see a wanted enemy that you know for fact is a bounty , just leave it for a few mins. If no one goes for it, kill it. But give that player a minute to get to the enemy and actually complete it. It's just a respectful thing to do. And this community needs more respect for each other. Just a thought guys, I hope you see this bungie and realize this comes from a level minded perspective with all players in mind

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