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New D2 clan forming up from DnD based game Neverwinter [PC NA]

*Heads up here!, We're literally a new clan. Currently have 6-11 members from the community itself and looking to grow so it's about patience!* Hive fallen N Can't G'UP is part of the crusader community that are among the best guilds in the online game 'Neverwinter'. We have been around in that game for over 5 years, have 100's of members, real close friendships and we're looking to finally increase ourselves to just much more than simply DnD. We have members that usually play other games and over these last few months, picked up the game destiny 2 among games. We're a very small clan with currently 6-11 members (We have people from the crusader community to still invite so it will be more eventually) and we're looking to grow into something more in this game, a proper community. Our goals are simple and it's basically to become a good, respectable community here and gain more life long friendships like we have in neverwinter. Destiny 2 has a lot to offer and we want to be a clan that focus on a lot to do from pvp quickplay, crucible competitive, custom games, gambit, nightfall, strikes, daily mission stuff, adventure, learning and completing raids and much more. We have members from the community who have done these things and overall will like to learn more about the game, especially raiding so we can eventually set days where we can raid together, help people raid and achieve their goals. *Note well, myself as leader ran these raids except scourge cause of no annual pass as yet so I myself have experience running raids but I'm still learning as I've only ran the raids a handful of times on two accounts so as mention, the goals here is to learn and become a tight knit, competent community and have fun so PATIENCE is the key here for us to grow* Our current and only requirements are as followed ;- 1) Don't be toxic - We can be cool, we can have competitive fervor to strive for better, sure but that can be done without being completely toxic/cancer to the community. 2) Have a discord and mic so you can mingle in the long run when we build up. We want people to join the clan and when we have more members to be active in the in game chat and/or come around discord and talk shit and laugh/communicate during important stuff like raids and such 3) We play on NA server only currently - The crusader community on the whole has a lot of international members from all corners of the globe but for now, the clan itself will be situated on NA servers so if you're EU and would like to join, you'll have to play on NA (hopefully your connection is good with a switch like that and we have members who said the connection to NA from EU wasn't bad for them) 4) No hacks or anything that's considered cheating - In neverwinter, we're known for being legit as can be so will like to continue trend in other games. That's is basically, not asking for much as we're a new clan and building up so remember, it's about patience here. I will be also in game scouting for people/inviting so hopefully we can grow in no time to attract more people. If you are looking to join, comment your battle tag below and I can add you eventually or you can use this link below and see if you can join there. The link to our discord is also below if you want to talk to me more and my battletag is there too if you're more comfy contacting me in game. Clan link - Crusader Community discord - My battletag - Dauntless#11529 My discord name - Dauntless#0945 Hope to grow eventually and into something big so we're starting off casual before we really grow into that endgame community.

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