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my 2 cents. sorry if you dont like my pennies

destiny is fun. destiny is beautiful. destiny has amazing potential. it's fun until you have to spend literal weeks of grinding exceedingly stale activities just to keep up with the stale meta. strikes are nice in the sense that they have variants to them. but those variants only take you so far until they just get boring. the story remixes that were added to replace an option for strikes are god frikin awful. i mean, i like them as what they are. i hate them in the sense that you have to play [i]the same one[/i] 3 times just to get the reward (which isnt even that great. woohoo, i just got a helmet that's 2 light lower than my current one because my other gear is higher! yay!). the raids are amazingly fun and intense... unless you've already beat it, then it just becomes a chore (especially if you want to keep all 3 of your characters up to speed). additionally, the majority of the game becomes a chore once you beat the campaign due to the recyclic nature of it all. it's beautiful, for sure. not a lot to say about this, but there is one thing i will add to this in a later major point. it. has. potential. pure and simple. destiny 2, currently, is feeling like an anime that dumps an empiric f*** ton of story and atmosphere on the consumer for the first season or 2, but then never goes into further detail or flat out retcons a lot of the story until it's untimely demise or discontinuation. who are the nine? what is the traveler? why is the speaker [i]the speaker[/i]? what happened to the darkness? what happened to the pc of destiny 1? where did the ahamkara come from? where do the cabal come from? why is zavala such a [url=]-godwinslaw!-[/url]? who is cayde-5,4,3,2, or 1? if the guardians or such powerful immortal zombies, why dont they fight to take back the earth from invading forces instead of just waving brooms in front of their faces tauntingly in their tower? so on and so forth. i understand that some of those answers may be answered through lore in or out of the game, but i play games for their story and enjoyment. i dont want developers to expect me to google the answers. i just feel the devs put too much effort and funds into the aesthetics of the game, and not enough into the development of the world as a whole. i understand that the devs can only put so much funding into a game. but every game developer comes to a decision eventually (most good devs will make the decision before work even starts). and that decision is "where do we want to allocate the resources at our disposal?" frankly, im deeply saddened by modern gaming and it's obvious deviation from quality of play to aesthetically pleasing. a game doesnt have to look beautiful to be good. a game doesnt have to have obscene levels of particle effects, polygons, and flares to be good. a game doesnt have to have outstanding resolution to be good. this is all proven to be fact by the very history of gaming. to this day, playstation 2 remains one of my all time favorite gaming platforms due to the common practice of that era. sure, graphics were still important, but they werent a [i]top priority[/i]. i mean, look at MANY of the games on steam and nintendo. nintendo has been a juggernaut of gaming for a very respectable amount of time, but they very rarely put out games that sacrifice fun for beauty. steam has so many individually-made games that are genuinely fun and fulfilling to play. destiny is only that for as long as your patience can keep you in the agonizing monotony. now lets talk about price (almost done). the game isnt worth the price. i know soooo many people who dont want to buy destiny because of the ludicrous amounts of money you need to dump on it just to play the /full/ game. i have been trying to be an advocate for destiny to my peers by telling them what's /good/ about the game and trying to ignore all the things wrong with it, but it gets disheartening when the devs continue to add to the list of what's wrong with it. when they made the core game free, that brought a bunch of new players into the scene, and even a good chunk of the people i recommended the game to installed the core game. but will they want to buy forsaken when they find out that all of the gear and loot they worked so hard to get becomes [i]completely[/i] obsolete if they do? F*** NO, and they sure as toast didn't buy the expansions because it [i]wasn't worth it[/i]. tl;dr game has a lot of potential, but the devs keep dropping the ball and adding more balls to the court for them to drop. im disappointed and regret spending so much money on the games. edit: rofl @ godwin's law

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