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12/11/2018 10:42:33 PM
Ok. I'll be your "fanboy" and tell you what's up. 1. You should have been ready at PL 600. If not you either are slow af or abandoned the game and came back to blast through the content and then complain about lack of said content. If it had been only 7 hours you are beyond impatient and are crying to cry. I'll repeat what I've said many times through these forums on this topic: I got to 600 just in time for Tuesday's Black Armory(BA) update. Once I saw it would be a challenge to try at 600 I tried to see how far I could get. I got to the 3rd wave. Only thing stopping me from finishing it at the time was the boss' health. Everything else wasn't a problem. So seeing as to how my PL was a problem I put it in my mind to do Milestones until I was ready. Now here's Sunday and I reached 613 PL. I went into Xbox's Looking for Group feature and asked for help. Said I was a 613 Titan looking for 620+ people to help. Not even a minute later I got hits. Got into a group and went into the Forge and finished in one go. It took time yes but it's END GAME CONTENT(which technically now it's BA's End Game not Season of the Outlaw End Game which means you have to work towards that higher light to mess with the new content. Every DLC type thing has raised PL. This is the same and is only 50PL higher compared to the 60PL Forsaken asked you to complete[after the 540 hard cap]. Let alone you're starting from a lesser PL difference than they started you in Forsaken. 50 is basically nothing when you look that you have 3 months to work at it and have PLENTY of Milestones to help you there. To ask you to take some time to power up isn't asking the world of you especially when it would take less time than me if you just went at it instead of kind of crying in here. 2. The Annual Pass IS $30. That's nothing. All together Forsaken+Annual Pass should have cost you about $100(which I got the Digital Deluxe). Now take into consideration that this is content to last you a year. So if you divide 100 by 12 you get $8.33(and add $5 if you pay for XboxLive or PSN) but even then you're looking at basically a meal from some fast food joint per month for continual content coming to you until September. That's more than a bargain for a game that constantly entertains you. If you paid $30 for just Black Armory it would explain why you're here complaining but also you must not have gotten the Pass. That's on you, they have the Pass for a reason. Also as another point: Were you able to do EVERYTHING in Forsaken the first week? I don't think so. This is the same situation let alone you could do the Forges int eh first week, you just had to work for it a little bit which is hardly anything to ask of gamers who PLAY THIS GAME ANYWAY. 3. You have to come to terms that this isn't NOR WAS IT supposed to be a DLC/Expansion like past DLCs. This is added End Game content for a new season It's to add more for people who have done most everything in Forsaken's base content and want more. TTK and RoI were the only DLCs of Destiny 1 after the first year, they didn't have this added stuff for you to work towards at all. Which in the end is them adding life to the game and making you want to come back for more content instead of(like I said earlier) blasting throughit all and then complaining a week or two in that there's "not enough content" to keep you here and then run off to another game to wait for more DLC to drop in and repeat. This stops that stupid statement of "not enough content" and instead makes sure you have something to come back week after week for(just like they repeated in the ViDoc). Makes it more alive in a way(which is something I and I assume MANY others wanted but wasn't sure Bungie could pull of because there weren't monthly subscritions like WoW had. This is their step in that direction and it's the right step). 4. "If I drop 30 dollars on something, I expect to be able to play the content it brings. I can't do Black Armory Forges, which was the main -blam!-ing selling point. I'm not high enough yet. I have to keep running the same milestone hamster wheel that I've been running since last expansion until I am. That isn't good. That isn't fair. " I dropped the same $30 you did(on the whole pass mind you but still paid for BA). In no way going into this did I feel entitled(and I hate that word and don't usually use it but this post deserves it 1000%) to run everything it brings on the first day. EVEN THE FIRST WEEK IN SOME CASES. You weren't able to do EVERYTHING Forsaken brought so why would it be any different in the BA. A bit of work never hurt anybody especially when that work is kicking ass and taking names. Levelling up is easy even with somewhat bad RNG. You do it right you should AT LEAST move up 10PL per week(at least) and even then Bungie is actively looking at making that leveling easier. So we'll see on that from. So all in all this whole thing was just complaining over the fact you misread or just assumed many things of BA and aren't willing to put yourself to the grinding block a few days to reach 610 at least and LFG an activity. It's literally that easy. I can talk because I personally did it and never once complained while doing it. Accept challenges, they're fun in the long run when you put yourself in the character's choes instead of just making it about specifically "rerunning old content" when they rotate strikes/activities daily so you're not always doing the same thing every day. It's not a chore when you enjoy most of what you're doing(and I say most because the only negative is playing with blueberries in some gametypes and they cause you to lose). Sorry to be a "fanboy" but Bungie has had a fantastic run since at least Halo:CE and the only bad time I really remember was Curse of Osiris DLC, even then that was just lack of content due to them making a sequel that didn't have as much to do as we were all used to running in D1Y3(which was 3 YEARS of content compared to one base game release and a first DLC). I'm loyal to them because they almost always go way deeper into their games than you'd think and come up with good stories and lore to delcve into. That's why I like and will always enjoy Destiny as a franchise. It's really good at immersion and that's my main thing I ask and have always recieved any time I've put my Titan suit on since Destiny 1 Beta.

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