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Fanboys defenses, and why this shit is garbage and inexcusable.

Defense #1: "[i]It's only been out for seven hours. Why are you angry that you have to level up? It's like that every DLC."[/i] Yes, it's been out for seven hours, and the only DLC related thing I've done is kill powerful enemies with power weapons for quest steps. The main meat of the DLC, which is the forge, requires a power level that will take at least another week or two of milestones to even comfortably participate in. I don't want to do the same shit I've been doing for the past 2 months to play the new content. Just imagine if the first story mission of forsaken launched at level 50 with a 500 recommended light. I came into this update thinking I was going to grind the forge and get some new gear. Turns out, I have to grind old shit still just to even [i]consider[/i] grinding the forge. Defense #2: [i]"The annual pass was only 30 dollars, that means each update was roughly 10 dollars each. What did you expect?"[/i] See, I didn't pay 10 dollars for black armory. I paid [b][i][u]THIRTY.[/u][/i][/b] YOU HAVE TO PAY 30 DOLLARS OUT OF THE GATE TO PLAY BLACK ARMORY. AND THIS IS WHAT WE GET FOR PAYING THIRTY DOLLARS. THEY ARE NOT SOLD SEPERATELY. My friend, who got the DLC this morning, dropped THIRTY DOLLARS to play this wack ass update. There is NO EXCUSE. Defense #3 [i]"This isn't an expansion, though. Don't treat it like one."[/i] Yes, the -blam!- it is an expansion. You have to pay money for additional content that expands the game for you and adds new activities. That is DLC. It is an [i]expansion.[/i] A terrible one. Defense #4 [i]"It's just the first day. More is coming later on."[/i] More content [i]later,[/i] doesn't excuse what we have [i]now.[/i] What we have [i]now,[/i] is an activity that barely anyone is able to complete because for some odd reason, they wanted to set the light level to 15 above what the max was [i][b]yesterday.[/b][/i] By the time the raid and the second forge come out, most of us will just be nearing the point where we can actually beat the [i]first[/i] damn forge. If I drop 30 dollars on something, I expect to be able to play the content it brings. I can't do Black Armory Forges, which was the main -blam!-ing selling point. I'm not high enough yet. I have to keep running the same milestone hamster wheel that I've been running since last expansion until I am. That isn't good. That isn't fair. The verdict is: If you haven't bought the annual pass, then DO NOT BUY IT UNTIL: *They lower the light requirements of the forge and allow people to start playing and grinding what they just -blam!-ing paid for. *They sell the expansions separately for 10 dollars. *Until every content rollout up til March has released. This literally feels like a free update with a 30 dollar coat on. Keep in mind, this cost more than Rise of Iron from D1. Let that sink in. This is unacceptable. I don't think Destiny has ever put this much of a bad taste in my mouth.

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