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Updated list of the top 10 things I wish Destiny 2 did a lot better

[b]Note:[/b] I'll be updating this list whenever Bungie releases any new content/updates that address or affect these items. Do you agree/disagree/want to add anything else to this list? Leave me some notes in the comments and I'll figure out where to put them in the list. :) There are lots of things I have been hoping for since Destiny 1 that still haven't made the jump from the proverbial Ascendant Plane to reality, and I wanted to list them knowing that it's outside the scope of things that you're currently focused on and/or have no plan to do anything about. Expectations managed. [b]1.[/b] Why do we have [u]spaceships[/u]? I know we need things to put shaders on, but the spaceships make me very, VERY sad. Why, you ask? Remember that brief but awesome spaceship battle that was lovingly crafted and brilliantly implemented in "Halo: Reach" - which BTW, amazingly underrated game - and players everywhere got to experience a proper Bungie-style Covenant dogfight? Make it a separate DLC if necessary, but I would pay money for an extension of the Destiny universe if I could have dogfights in ships that I can earn or buy, with Weapon and Armor slots similar to player characters that augment the ship's damage, defense, and performance. [b]2.[/b] [u]Sparrows[/u] need more love. I'm hooked on the notion of a Destiny meets Wipeout crossed with Need for Speed - building your own Sparrow, going on strikes or missions to get sparrow parts from loot drops, having upgrades for speed and maneuverability, adding custom ornaments/transmat effects/trails, and SPONSOR STICKERS to put all over it (from FWC/New Monarchy/Dead Orbit, Suros/Hakke/Veist, etc.) that earn you extra Glimmer when you win races. [b]3.[/b] Why haven't higher level versions of [u]Season 1-3[/u] Legendary content got the same [u]perk[/u] love that Season 4+ content has? I like the look of some of those sets but they're an instant dismantle now because I can't get additional perks. Seems kinda bullshit for those of us that paid for season passes and DLC but can't reap the benefits because basic D2 players would be getting something for free... kind of a dick move. But also, WHY DO WE NOT HAVE THE ABILITY TO TRANSMOG GEAR LIKE other MMOs? [b]4.[/b] [u]Grenades[/u] feel really weak - especially in PvP. Needs more actual *boom* and I mean that in terms of its impact and not the sound/visuals. Grenade kills in PvP are super rare, feels like I have a 1/50 chance of ever catching another player with one, and I know other players probably feel the same when they throw them at me as I run away laughing because they opted not to snipe me instead. I think the blast radius is great - but you can just walk through it and it tickles a little. I'd be much happier dying from a grenade than a double-slap or an arrow through my big toe. [b]5.[/b] Why do the Fallen get their own night club ("The Empty Tank" in Fallen Shore)!?! Why don't guardians have their own nightclub!?! Also, why can't I buy Ramen and [i]eat[/i] it? Can we have some more social area pursuits like running errands for miscellaneous vendors in the Bazaar? Can we maybe interact with city factions more than just once a month? For "[u]social[/u]" spaces, they seem pretty antisocial - just saying. [b]6.[/b] Speaking of [u]city factions[/u], I think a lot of kids these days don't know how to invest in their future, so I think you should have a faction stock market - buy shares of a faction, shares give you Glimmer/Resource dividends based on the performance of the factions during each faction week, and you can only own shares from one faction - but it doesn't necessarily have to be the faction you're aligned with. ;) [b]7.[/b] What if [u]shaders[/u] were craftable? Think about it: every surface, every tint, and every finish, can be gathered from somewhere in the solar system, and when you have all of the elements you want to use, you can combine them into your own personal shader - for the cost of some Glimmer or materials, of course. [b]8.[/b] Why do you insist on gatekeeping gear [u]infusion[/u] with [u]enhancement cores[/u]? It's ridiculously counter-intuitive to the gear grind that you guys love to push as the cornerstone of the Destiny progression, but at the same time progression limited by item economy leaves many of us feeling like the skills and power we achieve through gameplay are meaningless if we're not blessed with RNG magic. It's frustrating and gross to come to the realization that no matter how good I get, I have to force myself to play modes I hate (like ANYTHING PvP or Raid-related) just to keep pace with other players. Apparently I need to have 20 different currencies in heavy supply on me at all times if I'm able to eek forward another 3 light level points a week, and that just feels like bullshit. [b]9.[/b] [u]False positives[/u] in level design - this might seem trivial, but it bears repeating because I have often killed myself in Crucible matches jumping to what looks like an obvious ledge or path only to be turned back or invisible-walled to death. If it looks like I can get there but in reality I can't, could you maybe put more effort into visually explaining why the "obvious path" is "obviously not the path you think it is" and implement some path clarity best practices for your environment artists? It would save many of us players a lot of overthinking and embarrassment. [b]10.[/b] Right now I think your [u]pricing model[/u] for all of Destiny 2 is getting better, but if I had to pick one even better it would be No Man's Sky. The box product price hasn't changed from its initial $49.99 offering, but all subsequent (and very well-received) updates to the game since launch have been FREE. It's a way easier pill for new players to swallow when compared with the ever expanding list of things we need to buy just to get caught up and current. In your latest ViDoc you casually mention that "the industry is changing" and I know Activision is holding the purse strings for continued development, but this seems like a dialog that you should be having with both the fans and your publisher about how to respect both our time and diminishing finances in conjunction with the burn rate and implementation schedules/solutions for updating content. If I could facilitate part of that conversation in the form of "I wish Destiny would let me happily pursue other avenues of enjoyment like customizing all sorts of stuff in real meaningful ways so that maybe I can stop griping about how narrow the pursuits of cycling through PVP and Raids I'll never see trying to compare my Light level to other more industrious/wealthy players and collect the Destiny 2 variant of WoW pets/Pokemon instead" I would, but this forum post buried in the unsearchable depths of player venting will have to suffice. I guess if there's an underlying theme to all of this, it's either "give us the means to have other pursuits within the game instead of mindless consumers who consume things for more light" - or - "lets get a little crazy and make everything useful/meaningful and get it geared/customized!" /end Wish Lis! Thank you Bungie, Destiny 2 really feels great now - time to start expanding on everything else!

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