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12/2/2018 10:35:58 PM

Are there plans to fix pvp?

I don't understand why some easy to play weapons and skills are so insanely overpowered. I call them overpowered not because it's impossible to counter them. But because of the amount of effort you have to go through to beat them, compared to the amount of effort you need to be able to use them. The fun stops in crucible when It's literally impossible to do anything. I'm up against a team of 4 titans, that are all skating across the map, using shotguns, using grenade launchers, using their insanely OP ults, and if all else fails, they can also instakill with melee. Why? I don't know. Seems fair, 3 classes, Titan can do it, the rest can't. I definitely get that some things are obviously made to be overpowered, like ultimate's and heavy ammo. Heavy ammo you can contest. So that has counter play. But if you're already behind, it just keeps snowballing the winning team even more. So it's definitely not perfect right now. The shotgun is super lame. It's overpowered because it's a must have, meaning if you don't have it you have a huge disadvantage. PVP is supposed to be viable for every play style. Sure I can definitely play around it by not going into hallways. But some maps, and their objectives. Makes it extremely hard to do an objective if you also can only stay in open spaces. Either design the maps better or make the shotgun less instakill across the entire hallway. I'm standing far away and they still insta kill. I can't even begin to compare ultimate's like warlock with their teleportation, instakilling, extra fast movement speed, super long duration. can kill the entire team with 1 click, walk to their spawn, kill them all again ultimate. Like if I would re-balance ultimates, I would make as balanced as Gunslinger. I think it's perfect. It has negatives and positives, it costs casting time, you have to aim, and you can die easily. BUT if you do well, you can kill 6 people. And I have, and that feels great. Why not make all ultimates like that? It's perfect because if you die to a gunslinger ult, you don't feel cheated. You think, Oh I heard that one coming, should have hidden, or I could have sniped his head, or he could have been bursted. So that is my whole problem with pvp right now. Instead of dieing and having to say, well he pressed Ult. Or well they have heavy ammo. I want to die thinking, oh thats what I should have done better. You know were toxicity comes from? It comes from not having the possibility to do anything. Think about Overwatch, League of Legends. These games where everyone says the community is toxic. Well guess why, Even if you perform well yourself, You can still lose, because of your teammeates, or with these new overwatch heroes that can instakill you without any skill either. This is frustrating, it's unfair, and doesn't make sense. Designers did this to give everyone a fighting chance, right? So that when you are bad at fps games, you can still do well skating around with your shotgun and pressing Ult all the time. Well maybe if you're bad at fps games you shouldn't have a high ranking in a fps game? This is honestly not a problem of people, this is the tools that are given, forcing everyone to pick the easy and overpowered weapons over the weapons you actually want to play because otherwise you lose. Games do this to broaden their target audience. But it ruins it for the competitive players. We have quickplay right? make that all shotgun and ultimates, so the kids can have some fun. I'm 100% fine with that. they play like that anyway there. But can we also have a competitive gamemode where It's skill versus skill. Instead of who did their best to pick the easiest and strongest build. I think if you read this far you must disagree with some of my points, and to others you say well you can counterplay those it's not that bad. It's definitely not all horrible. Most of my games are great fun. It's just sometimes you find these things that make no sense. Why is there a grenade launcher that uses primary ammo? Why do some shotguns have long range? why can titans instakill with melee while the rest has to hit twice? Why is the heavy ammo designed so that the already winning team can always camp it? Why are there ultimates that are impossible to counter, easy to play, and free instakills, for a long period of time? I think things are balanced when they have equal negatives and positives. if ultimates are that strong, they should be that hard to get, which they're not. If one class can instakill with melee, either make the rest able to do it, or have something else strong, making them unique. but being equally strong in another aspect. Like if titans can instakill, shouldn't hunter be able to jump higher or move faster to get away from it? no, the titan shall also be given movement speed buffs while having instakill melee avaible. and hunter and warlock? nothing. I don't understand.

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