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11/9/2018 6:20:16 AM

Take Notes Bungie

Take Notes Bungie, A comprehensive guide on the state of crucible and what changes could be made: First of all let me preface this with the fact that I am an average 1.3ish K/D 1.6 KA/D hunter main who has played Destiny since release Destiny 1 release. I have background, I have opinions, don’t let them get in the way of facts. Secondly, congratulations Bungie on managing to create a good special ammo system. It shows you are driven to balance the game beyond simple changes elicited by rants on forums such as these. Meanwhile... Crucible as a whole: -Competitive games skewed by players leaving, I think this is an easy one. 30 minute ban on players who leave, increasing per offense and resetting every 24 hours. Also implement a system that recognizes internet disconnects ... I.e. if the game is capable of recognizing that my router disconnected and gives me the appropriate error code, it can recognize disconnects from crucible matches as opposed to leaving/shutting down the game. -Matchmaking seems better as of late, but there are surely enough players to prevent me from matching against teams of four solo-queuing in competitive. That’s just dumb. Subclasses: (remember I main hunter) HUNTERS -arcstrider is balanced -golden gun is balanced -blade barrage needs a radius nerf, but should deal more damage to guardians. Adequate shutdown potential as opposed to widespread team-wiping OP bullshit. -nightstalker good for PVE -spectral blade knife range increase needs to happen, it’s like we’re tickling the opponents with knives -Shards of Galanor need a fat nerf to regen.... maybe 25% or something TITANS -striker and bullet path are balanced -Sunbreaker should be able to be one-shot by big impact snipers, otherwise balanced -New hammer tree needs a buff to AoE smash and handling...? It feels clunky and hard to use. Not even good in PVE. -Sentinel suppressor grenade is horseshit any way you look at it -Shield tracking is ridiculous, watch bakengangsta video of that shit making 180 degree turns midair to connect -Armor is a wee bit to high to be countered by other non-shutdown supers. -One eyed mask needs to be removed from the game. It is better than any exotic ever. Broken beyond balancing. -WoD and WoL trees balanced WARLOCKS. Good god -blam!- this class. -Rift is semi irritating but literally everything else about this class outside of Nova Warp is balanced -God slaying purple shockwave from hell needs to be nerfed extremely hard. The radius is too large, access to blink is not balanced, handheld supernova is not balanced, 75% health melee is not balanced, and ability regen synergy from final subclass perk makes it 10x worse. Nezarec’s Sin is a catalyst for a bad time. So many things need to be done about this subclass. Weapons: -pulse rifles need less range -scout rifles need to flinch more -auto rifles should have some flinch resistance built in to better combat hand cannons for usage -bows are balanced -high impact sidearms could use a small buff to aim assist or something -Hand cannons are in a good place -Telesto is busted, but fusions are otherwise balanced -snipers are balanced -single barrel grenade launchers are balanced -heavies are balanced, but I wish swords had greater swing distances because they struggle to combat shotguns and other cqc weapons -Shotgun metas will inevitably develop due to ease of use, but the least Bungie could do is make closing the gap harder/buff the hell out of other specials as a means of combating these things. Rumble is literally 80% shotgun kills and 20% ability kills. They aren’t ruining the game but are close to doing so if this path continues. Overall crucible is in a pretty good enjoyable spot. Key things to consider however are: Nova Warp Particular Titan Exotics Shards of Galanor Shotguns Pulse Rifle oriented meta Leave kind civil thoughts please. I genuinely believe these changes will increase the fun factor of the game, and if not , it will diversify crucible.

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