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The Story of the Titan Ezra-9, A story of betrayal, and the search for truth.

So, @SpookyXenon, you have inspired me to write some of my own fanfic grimoire cards, damn you. I've gone full nerd... Here follows the story of Ezra-9, Titan of the Vanguard. This first part occurs long before the collapse, when he was still Human. Entry 1 “Life is more precious than we know; and someday it will be gone.” Ezra listened intently to the fluttering heart of the baby kitten on his examination bench, it was a runt, and it was suffering from what was likely a malformed Ventricle. A corner of his own heart sank as his predictions for the tiny new-born creature became grim. ‘Poor little guy’ The dewy-eyed little girl, who cared for the pitiful babe watched his hands intently as he checked this and that. His examination was over when she asked him eagerly “Is my little baby going to be alright?” Ezra, measured the little girls expression carefully; death was a concept he had explained to a child before; perhaps a little to frankly. He had long forgotten his own grief for the pets of his childhood, but a part of him remembered the pain of loss. “Cece” He spoke her name gently knowing he was about to shatter the poor child. “Spitzer is his name, right?” She nodded; her expression was both hopeful and fearful at once. “I like that name” he mused “did you come up with it all by yourself?” The little girl nodded, she was young enough to hope, but old enough to know when she was being danced around, her face darkened a bit with despair. “Well I have to tell you Cece, Spitzer is the sweetest little Kitty I have ever met; he purrs when I pat him, he never peeps; even though the vet can be kind of scary for little kitties” A small light of pride came over the girls face before being lost in her impending grief. “But when Spitzer was born, a part of his heart never really grew, so when his heart beats it doesn’t sound like it should” Ezra didn’t like to tell kids their pet was going to die, the ensuing maelstrom of tears was almost too heart-breaking. “Can you fix him?” she whimpered The little girl’s parents had a defeated look, it was obvious that they had given up on helping the creature, whether it was because of Money or something else was something Ezra didn’t want to assume callously, but this family didn’t look rich. Surgery was an expensive path forward, and to attempt it on a newborn was too risky. “No, Cece.” ……………………………… Ezra locked the door behind him to the clinic and said goodnight to his secretary, before parting ways in the fading light. Today was hard; It never got easier telling someone the end was coming, but then again it was both important and crucial to be told, especially when the person was a child and likely had never experienced death before. It gave them time to confront it; before the end came. Ezra knew life was precious, but he also knew it would all end someday. If you guys like this; I'll keep writing them, if not, I may just keep writing them anyway; it's fun.

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