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S C/ R M (tough decision) P B G L T D/D C Each actor added something different to the character.....the relatability, the charm, the coldness, the humanity, etc.. The plots with more pressing matters to the world are remembered more than the petty ones that were too statist-favoring for this do rocket launchers and drugs compare to world domination/destruction, for example? Riveting social commentary, subtle or not, is also good but to an extent, to a point, then it becomes too forced and pandering, which ruined some parts of some of them. Not sure (been out of the loop news-wise for a few months) if there's been a revival/new iteration yet or not...think with Hiddlsn is it now? Haven't seen Sky or Spec yet, seen most of Quant and most of Livin Daylights or License, but not all of either of those, other than that, think have seen every single one beginning to end numerous times. P B's last SUKD and ruined the genre/franchise especially with help from 'Yeah baby, oh, behave!'. Didn't care for short haired wimmin in some of the movies though, even if femme fatales, look more ladylike and it's easier to digest the feminism. Don't need to have all females this way, 'heel' or 'face', there's nothing wrong if today there was a 'bimbo'/damsel-in-distress character to compliment the heel and face fatales. Usually those were the three archetypes of females in each film, but some eschew at least one of those, usually the damsel, in favor of only heel and face fatales because feminazees. When it's subtle, it's ok, but sometimes when it's forced and pandering, it's hard to watch and listen to. G L humanized the character at the end of that film, but it was shot horribly and a bit graphic for the series, all films concerning. R M made it something for a larger audience to have fun watching and disseminate high-brow content and secret happenings irl. P B was a benchmark-test, D C brought the coldness, too action-y for this user's taste and meandering, pacing-wise. S C seemed to hit on all cylinders so 'ell get the edge, slightly, over R M, film wise that's a tough one....most were pretty good, all from S C, most from R M....L N L D probably the weakest and most forgotten of that series but all were 'fun' to watch, most from P B but smaller sample size, G L meh, T D ehh/bleh, and D C, bleh too....although E Grn was haaawt! Yum. Depends on what mood am in between S C and R M and which film/s to pick as the best though and criteria listed, character vs. actor vs. acting vs. what was given to them, etc.. Each was a product of its times and helped further some things to be the same and some things to be different, very back n forth relationship with society. S W L M is relevent today with the cooperation-theme, same with F R W L, M R had the redeeming of a heel in the gigantic dood, D N was a good benchmark too, Th B eh, rich dood with shrks and an eyepatch, Y O L T and D A F at least furthered the Spec villain plotline of the movies' universe, N S N A was S C trying to get in on the campy and escape the retirement home.....LITERALLY, (ROFL), and has superpower-pyss......yeah, at least there were video games dem whippersnappers, but more glorification of the middle easterners, although at least it was palatable and showed how some act. G F's plot is REAL LIFE and NO ONE seems to care!!! F the Daltn movies with the anti-Confederat General in a museum in the heart of muzzie territory and allying with future progenitors of enemies, interfering at all with such people for sick games over resources and posturing, and the anti-drug and really, rocket launchers? Let people have 'em, it's their own business, so those were hard to digest, esp with the short haired girls again. More Rusian sht for the Democrips to fawn over and neocons too, perpetual enemies for perpetual war for perpetual peace-selling all as window dressing for resources and power and population control.....yawn. Lez just build those underwater cities and space cities but NOT attack the notions/ideology just the METHODOLOGY of which such idealism was employing. Some make that mistake too oft. It's not anti-'leftism' but the force and mrder of and over others to achieve such. Lasers? Clearly competing for views with movies at the time. G E classic, good game too. T N D IS REAL LIFE!!!! WAKE UP PEOPLE! W T F IS WRONG WITH YUH!?!?! Lotta 'tail in F Y E O and O P and A V T A K.....mmm, it tickled muh....JAKOVSKEEEEE!!!! ROFL! HOW would C W be a villain today wanting to destroy SiliconValley? That'd make 'im a hero! /sarcasm.....or is it? C R only satiates muh desire to gamble and look at Miss. E. G. C L as T M W T G G was a looker back in the day and aged well, Q-G was once iz apprentice just as O-W K was once iz apprentice, donchyuhknow? Thoughts?

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