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Destiny 2: Forsaken Changes Summary

Allright, as you all know there are some plagueing issues in Forsaken. So after reading more than a full time jobs worth of posts, sorry sleep, I have decided to post a summary of some the major issues ive seen. With hopes that these issues may be more concise and easily overviewed. Target goal, address the issues in a simple, less inflated fashion. Bungie please give us actual fixes, rather than an intent to monitor response. Issue 1 Leave sleeper previous weapon nerfs, it has affected more than just 1 specific usage. Sorry gambit sleeper haters...after reading over half a thousand responses, I think its best left alone. It can be battled via alt range weapons. Ex: Sniper rifles. Solution provided. Issue 2 Infusion, dare I say anything more? After reading another half a thousand of your posts, It appears the masterwork core requirement for infusion needs removed completely. Possibly even slightly decreasing the legendary shard requirement to a max of 10 also. Mastereork cores should be exclusive to their original purpose, hence the name. Masterworking. Bungie you have allready increased the core requirement for masterworking itself. Thats more than enough to increase the usage and grind for said item. Dont send a loved weapon through double jeopardy. Solution provided.... Update: alt option give banshee or someone bounties that reward masterwork cores. Issue 3 Spawn loacations-PvP Short and sweet, needs reworked to avoid spawn kills/deaths. Solution provided. Issue 4 Constant updates- This is just nucking futs as my dear friend Dickie Roberts would say. An update every few days is a killer to a good days grind. Can we please limit updates to once a week on reset please. Or better yet, get your crap together the first time. This has been an issue since D1 Day 1. Hire better and/or more devs. Solution provided. Issue 5 Dismantling errors Raise your hand if you have dismantled something in the Forsaken era and not even received your proper loot for the dismantle? Okay, dont really raise your hand unless tou just need to stretch; but an issue as minor as this, is still an issue. Reply to this thread with what you dismantled and didnt receive loot for. This could help Bungie fix coding on these specific items easier. Solution provided. Issue 6 RNG Short and sweet, drop rates for exotics need a buff. Atleast a little. The drop rate nerf is just way to much. Solution provided. Issue 7 Triumph system Give us an actual loot system for triumph points. This is a possible TEMPORARY alternative to changing the RNG rates of exotics etc. Say maybe until the next DLC. Idea, every 5K points accumulated is worth a fated engram? This would encourage a heavy and diverse grind. Maybe even make it so only 1 fated engram per user account can be received per week. Replacing Zurs fated engram while giving players more of a hope and reason to grind. This would also limit players to what 6-7 fated engrams across all 3 characters? Additionally maybe create a weapon specific and weapon specific fated engram? Say 5K, 15K, 25K gets a weapon engram. 10K, 20K, 30K gets an armor engram? Also making players selective on which character they use each specific fated armor engram on? Ideas, Solutions, and hopefully not ignored. You can add me @ PS4 gamertag ID Afman22 Keep the faith Guardians and know that even if Bungie isnt behind us casual players, you are what makes the game great, not Bungie. Lets keep the good times rolling. Afman22 out-

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