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Iron Banner Control... A.k.a. Get that Power Play! - The Game Mode

Yeah the above says everything. The Iron Banner is all about locking down that power play. And the resulting gameplay and match outcomes are kind of terrible. I played over 30 matches to finish the bounty that requires the 30 match completions. And out of those 30 matches I think 5 matches were close, well fought games. The rest were terrible slaughterfests. Both against my team and for my team. And the Mercy Rule triggered in probably about 10 matches... At Least! If you have a team full of potatoes and the other team is a fireteam or even is just better then next thing you know... Power Play, they pull way ahead. Power Play, they pull even further ahead. Power Play, and now 3 in a row... no point in trying. Power Play, they start chaining supers together. And then either the Mercy Rule kicks in or the game just gets way out of hand but goes to the end. Why? Why is this a good thing? Basically with this Iron Banner power play rule the whole game turns into, "We need to get the Power Play!" And any other strategy goes flying out the window. In regular Control I like to lock down 2 zones and force the enemy team to spawn at the third. With coordination this strategy works Really Well for winning matches. But with this locked down Power Play rule no one tries to do that and if you do... It eventually fails because you don't have help (I'm a mostly solo player) or the other team supers you or power weapons you, breaks through your defense line and gets the Power Play while you are respawning. This is not a good game mechanic. It forces one style of play upon everyone. And almost all games are blowouts and Mercy Rules. Please change this for the next Iron Banner Bungie! Just give us regular Control from now on. And maybe even just rotate it with Clash. I don't like being steamrolled and I'm sure the other teams that I have steamrolled haven't enjoyed it much either. Steamrolling will still happen thanks to fireteams and bad matchmaking, (Like me and my buddy getting matchmade into the Fortress on a team of only 4 TWICE IN A ROW once. You know it's is bad when the final stats of the match show you had 9 players on your team from people coming in the middle of the nonsense and then dropping several times in a row. lol.) But at least with normal Control the other team has to work to keep the zones a LOT harder, especially during a Power Play. Getting a Power Play should be kind of hard to pull off... But even Harder to sustain. Please do something about this. If you don't want to change it at least put in a rule that says if a team Power Plays 3 times in a row the Mercy Rule just automatically kicks in. Because at that point their is no hope. lol. Thanks for listening and God Bless. Rigel

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