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Need (POTENTIAL) relationship advice

Human male that is lonely, damaged, kinda autsy-aspie-socio-ish (not entirely, but there's some tendencies) picky-OCD-perfectionist Virgo-RoosterBearSwan with Mercury and Sun IN Virgo and Pluto in Scorpio Ascendant stick-in-the-mud introvert with AnCap (libertarian on 'roids) beliefs with a nearly insatiable thirst for knowledge and wisdom and truth and peace truly cares about a two-faced, hypocritical, alcoholic, scorned, impulsive, obfuscating/dense, world-traveling, agit-prop-lite, Gemini-PigDeerWrenCrocodile with Sun and trickster-Mercury in Gemini and Pluto also in Scorpio, girl a little younger than this dude, also in the pursuit of truth and justice. Would normally, personally and professionally, otherwise, be bff-material for each other minus twenty-percent disagreement/disapproval of this girl's actions, rhetoric, and associates over the past year-and-a-half or longer. Very much like Icarus(dripping wax on everyone around 'er with little-to-no-regard while flying too close to the sun, needing to be tied down a bit to remain aloft so BOTH boy and girl can make it off the monster-infested, mad-king-run island-prison once-and-for-all!). This girl breaks many a 'qualification' to be 'considered' by this male but this was caused by overcompensation due to home abuse/crazy fam over the years, and this boy is attempting to mature outside the 'echo chamber' and at least correspond with this girl and suggest new methods to achieving such goals and why current/past methods are unhealthy and unnecessary and even detrimental and antithetical to the shared goals. Not needing/looking for a virtual 'clone' anymore, that's 99-100 with, but more open to being with an 80-20, the main difference being methodology (political), this girl has re-posted the idea, in-agreement of, that ending or not forming relationships over political differences is petty and immature, yet has done just that, and has a trail of bodies, personally and professionally behind 'er, male and female. Girl has popularity, moderately (decreasing over the past year) good looks, money, power, an audience of fans, 'friends', alcohol, social media addiction, between many an ideology/belief system/group, peer/fam pressures, many illegitimate/broken relationships particularly with certain people, etc., and this male has seen it all before, and where that gets these girls....not coming out of the bathtub one day. Girl is a reactionary, anti-SJW (SJW) with mainstream/lamestream 'conservative' identitarian (narcissism incarnate) views, yet doesn't practice 'em, boy is more principled. As a former president once said, a person who agrees with one 80 percent of the time and disagrees with one 20 percent of the time is a friend and an ally, not a 20 percent traitor, but the 20 percent political difference weighs like a ton of bricks, though. This male knows this girl has been/is 'drawn-and-quartered' by many different people/ideologies and pulling on the remaining 'limb' would be tantamount to helping break 'er apart (ew), how though, is that able to be communicated properly and gone about for this Chiron/Arcturian 'healer that needs healing' male who cares about this girl? Prior correspondence was attempted, successfully the first time, when a large sum of money (for protection/a bulletproof vest) was attached to the message, in an attempt to 'reach 'er', but it looks like the girl only spent it on hurting innocent people and drinking alcohol with enablers while being a 'MarySue' tradth0t. Original response to original message was fairly decent/welcome, on both sides, and girl liked boy's message and gift and divulged some information too, but all future attempts after that the past 7 months have gone un-replied, but this male thinks it's due to a change of address and/or busy days not checking cluttered e-mails not likely in frequent use, or just not attaching such a sum again with the messages, although the last one came with some. Feel like never giving this girl money again until some change and commitment is achieved (doesn't have to be perfect, 100 percent but make an effort to apologize to people this girl needs to apologize to and disavow such people/beliefs and inform this user of some secrets/assuage some concerns of conspiracies about 'er). Going to try contacting the main galpal friend of this girl soon with some money to sweeten the incentive to read such a message, perhaps the sister or Ex of this girl after that. Thoughts? The Ex was a gentleman very similar to this user in terms of views, not entirely 100 percent either, but closer than the girl to 100, and the gentleman was taken for a 'ride' and used and hurt by this girl, and despite crypto-bytching about it on social media for 6 months, despite saying that gentleman was NOT bitter about things last year (before reneging on that note and making the break-up note private) and having eyes for Mxican strippers in the same time-span of courting this girl over a year ago makes the gentleman look in a negative light too, finally the gentleman stopped bytching and changed their background and re-posted some work of the girl, as a sign of hopefully healing, although before this user could make an attempt to talk to the gentleman, this user didn't have the money to provide incentive for such a message to be read by a stranger, so did not yet send any such communication, perhaps it's no longer needed for healing. Am not a method-actor trying to find a way to get from a professional relationship working with this girl to get in panties, as it were, but a personal relationship would help foster better/more effective and efficient professional work, whether or not that needs to be mixed (this user is fine with whatever beyond just fan/well-wisher from afar, any combo or none of: fan/friend/fam/co-worker/colleague/friendly rival debater/contemporary, whatever). Advice? /Spergout from a rationally skeptical idealist of a human being sick-and-tired of this dehumanizing post-political, post-truth, post-facts world full of gaslighting, obfuscating, obstructing, projecting, government-subsidized agitating, para-political balkanizing punditth0tery on ALL sides. TL;DR: Socially-inexperienced/inept poor boy wants to likes/has decreased in liking a girl this boy truly cares about, personally and professionally, and wishes to 'reach 'er', but the 20 percent political differences of methodology the boy disapproves of the girl going about weighs like a ton of bricks. Girl hurts people and gets hurt. Boy wants girl to stop hurting and being hurt and suggest new methods, why they're better, and why previous ones are ineffective. Boy has made more of an effort to 'sort self out first' before others, and after going cold on following some 4 dozen 'Tubers the past 2-plus years, and feels lighter because of it, but still worries about 'er, because guilt by association comes into play and things this boy believes are hindered when this girl does stupid stuff and they both and their beliefs are hurt because of 'er actions and rhetoric. Girl is becoming tantamount to a 'bad ally'/'bad actress' for a co-option by just another, albeit more palatable, tentacle of the n W o. Better an honest enemy or an incompetent/betrayal by a friend? Who cuts deeper? Boy goes about Schopenhauhr Porcupin/Hedghohg Dilemma by remaining cold, alone, not entirely by choice alone, girl goes about it by pricking as many as possible for that warmth (look up the dilemma). Girl may be involved in secret societies ruining 'er and devaluing 'er individuality for a fight another collective....asinine to this boy. Girl's sycophantic orbiters in 'er audience only enable 'er further and are idiot-trols who don't know what is being talked about, or DO and purposefully obfuscate and strawman. Girl made a fool of 'erself in a debate or two and so did a co-worker of 'ers vs. good people this past year or two and yet sycos come away screaming the girl and the other guy WON, when that is not true, in terms of the 'debate' OR the 'argument' (granted the behavior of those this user agreed with was not much better and this user feels this boy can debate better than all of 'em combined and focus on solutions and compromise regarding the problems). There doesn't seem to be any talking to some of these people, when seeing others in the 'plural' bad things happen. SURE one may not always been seen in the singular, but it's not excuse to see others in the plural, it hinders being seen in the singular back, THAT IS A PROBLEM! Ignorance, unknowingly, and PURPOSEFUL cognitive dissonance and ignorance, IDEAS holding PEOPLE, and a lack of truth and authenticity and the hyper-dimensional negative entities are the PLAGUE on humanity today! The girl wants, or claims to want, what is antithetical to what rhetoric and actions espoused and this girl can't have it both ways!

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