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9/3/2018 12:10:21 AM

The Lab: Part 17 (Arc 1 finale.)

(Artemis is crawling through the vent attempting to reach Cell-3, Cayde-7 is speaking to Cell and everyone else is under Cells control.) Artemis: *Speaking to herself* Almost there. All I need to do now is hack the door. (She starts hacking the door. Cell notices a slight blip on the monitor and he disables it and continues talking to Cayde-7.) Cell-3: So will you help me? Cayde-7: First tell me where Artemis is and release everyone else. Cell-3: No. I will not disable my devices. I need to have them active so your friends do not attack me. *He pulls out the remote that he has been using this whole time* If you prove that I can trust them then I will press this button *He points at a button* and free them. I will however let you see them. (He presses one of the many buttons on his remote and Ben10Howard, Diana, Pistol Pete and ManofLight walk into the room. Mustache Man is standing behind them and still has his eyes glowing green. Cayde-7 looks like he has had an idea. He starts reaching for the remote and he grabs it and tries to take it but fails because Cell is a highly advanced machine.) Cell-3: Heh. I knew you would try that. This was all just a test of how you would react. Cayde-7: Oh did you now? (Caydes device glows a bright shade of blue and so does the remote. The remote then is absorbed by the device.) Device: Assimilation complete. Engaging ability. (Artemis opens the door and runs into the room.) Artemis: I have already hacked into the systems! Nothing will work anymore! (Cayde-7 presses a button on his device and frees the group. Mustache Man [i]still[/i] had his green eyes. Everyone except Mustache Man is preparing to attack Cell-3.) Cell-3: Well... This was unexpected. I guess I will have to activate plan C. (A small portal like the ones that ManofLight uses appears and he warps away using it he also warps Mustache Man away.) Artemis: We... We did it! We beat this madman! Ben10Howard: What even happened? Diana: Based in the fact that my head feels like a nut in a nutcracker we were probably controlled for quite a while. ManofLight: Yeah it’s been a while since I’ve seen you in control of yourself. Pistol Pete: Yeah. But hey at least we are fine for now. (A small TV flickers on. It is set to a live news feed from Earth.) Ben10Howard: Hey guys look the news is on! (A reporter is recording a massive machine in orbit around Earth.) Reporter: This strange machine appears to be preparing for a massive blast of energy. It has a large blue charge emulating from its beak. We do not know what it will do. (You can see the blue charge form into a beam of pure blue energy. It hits the building behind the reporter destroying it entirely from the spot the beam hit a massive explosion occurs. The camera cuts out.) End of the first arc.
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