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The German Culture represented in the destiny Universe:

So I’ve covered the big three, plus Russian culture. Today I’m going to cover the German references throughout the Destiny Universe. Weapons: - Veleda-D - A priestess and prophet of the Germanic tribe of the Bructeri, who achieved some prominence during the Batavian rebellion of AD 69-70, when she correctly predicted the initial successes of the rebels against Roman Legions. The weapons flavour text reads “you victory is foreseen” a reference to the priestess. - Arminus-D - A chieftain of the Germanic Cherusci tribe, who famously led an allied coalition of Germanic tribes to a decisive victory against 3 Roman Legions in the battle of Teutobury Forest in 9AD. - Sturm & Drang - the designs are based on WWII pistols, specifically the Wesley.455 (drang) and the Mause Military Pistol (Sturm). The lore is also based on a late 18th century, German literary movement, such as ‘The Sorrows of young Werther’ by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe. - Aachen LR2 - Aachen is a German city, also the resting place of Charlemagne who was buried there in 814AD. - Reginar-D - the Reginards were a family of magnates in lower Lotharingia during the Carolingian and Ottonian period. Thanks to user king_of_mobs_ [quote]- Dornröschen - German for sleeping beauty. [/quote] Locations: - European Dead Zone - the EDZ has heavy amounts of German writing throughout the area [spoiler]there is a very good theory proposing that the Trostland is in Switzerland, post is by user Apnp Apnu and I recommend giving it a read along with the comments. [/spoiler] Ships: - Comitatus - the Latin term for an armed escort or retinue. The term is used especially in the context of Germanic Warrior culture for a war band tied to a leader by an oath of fealty. The flavour text reads ‘forge a new fellowship’. [spoiler]to anyone who read this far thank you for reading. To anyone who comments please leave any references I missed and I’ll edit OP and credit your find. To anyone commenting who is interested, please could you leave anything reflective of Middle eastern culture (it would be greatly appreciated).[/spoiler] [spoiler]link to master post[/spoiler]

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