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Surf a Flood of random discussion.
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The Lab: Part 12

(The giant creature moves out of the darkness revealing it to be a large owl with red eyes, it’s wings glow a crimson red, and the back of its head glows green. As it prepares to attack an outline of what it will do appears.) ManofLight: What in the? (He is nearly hit by the owl and as it flys past him he sees a small rip in the skin on the back of its head. ManofLight decides that is where he will focus his fire. The next time that the owl swoops over him he jumps on an outline as the owl arrives to it. ManofLight moves to punch the owl in the back of its head.) ManofLight: You’re done for! (As he hits the owl in the head it launches a blue beam from its mouth. The beam hits the inactive Independant Nazo and creates a rift back to the Eternity.) ManofLight: NO! No no no no... Why did I use that STUPID upgrade machine... (He enters the rift and is returned to the lab.) ManofLight: Where is everyone? Did... did the portals created by the upgrade machine get them too? (He walks alone in the empty laboratory. Mustache Man is waiting for his device to be upgraded.) Cell-3: I am done. Here it is the finished version of your device. It can completely stop time and allow time to move much faster now. Mustache Man: Yes! I can finally beat that loser Cayde-7! Cell-3: Now... due to this I must take something from you. Lay down on this table. Mustache Man: Ok! I’ll do what you need. Cell-3: Good good. Now you will feel a slight pinch. (Cell sedates Mustache Man and starts to cut open his skull. He inserts a few circuits into Mustache Mans brain after doing so he fixes up Mustache Man and sends him out with the others. Cell then moves to the control room. Artemis is just walking along with Cayde-7.) Intercom: Hello! This is the evil guy. I need a hacker right now. Please come willingly. Cayde-7: Uh no way! End of Part 12 Artemis you have a choice. Go to Cell or do not.
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