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The Lab: Part 8

(The group nears an staircase marked Sector 2 research and development.) Independent Nazo: So we are finally out of the testing facility. Intercom: Hold it! You cannot leave so soon! I haven’t even finished testing my new device. Diana: What device? Intercom: The override for all of your devices. Including the hacking. I will activate it now. (Artemis’s device shuts down and the green things on Diana, Mustache Man, and Ben10Howard’s heads light up. A small green robot that was following the group moves closer.) Diana: Please... stop us. (They move to attack.) Cayde-7: I can still keep up with Mustache Man. Nazo you deal with Ben10Howard! Independent Nazo: Right! ManofLight: I’ll help with Ben! Pistol Pete: And I can take Diana. Artemis: My device is rebooting keep them busy until it’s up again. (Diana summons a sword and Pistol Pete summons a blade made of ice. Mustache Man is locked in a fight with Cayde-7 until an announcement comes over the intercom.) Intercom: Disabling the assimilation device. (Cayde-7 slows down and collapses. Mustache man moves towards Pistol Pete.) Pistol Pete: Can I get some help please? (He is pinned to the ground by Mustache Man and Diana. The green robot moves toward Pistol Pete’s head.) Artemis: ManofLight you have to help Pistol Pete! ManofLight: Ok! (ManofLight summons a portal moving Pistol Pete’s head away from the green machine. While ManofLight was distracted an explosion hits him sending him flying and destabilizing the portal. The green machine moves towards and latches onto Pistol Pete’s head. He starts screaming in agony.) Cayde-7: We lost another. What will we do? Artemis: We will fight. (She pulls out the blaster dropped by the first robot and starts shooting at Diana. Diana deflects the blaster shots. Everyone moves towards the controlled group.) Intercom: Sorry we can’t play anymore. We must leave. (The controlled group is dropped through a trapdoor in the floor.) End of part 8. [spoiler]Im going away for a week so this will be the last part for a week.[/spoiler]
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