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The Lab: Part 9

(The group is going over the plan to free the controlled group as they walk through the research and development area of the laboratory everything seems to be shut off but as they are walking Independent Nazo notices something.) Independent Nazo: Guys there’s something active over here! (The group nears a screen that Independent Nazo is pointing at. A broadcast begins the screen shows a large satellite orbiting Jupiter.) TV: This is the Infinity. A massive laboratory in space owned by the shut in scientist Robo Owl. Artemis: Wait! We’re in space?! Cayde-7: That horrible scientist must have knocked us out and brought us here. ManofLight: How will we escape once we find our friends? None of us have ever been to space before this. Artemis: we can deal with that later but right now we need to keep moving and thinking of how to help Pete and the others. ManofLight: Artemis is right. We need to help out Pistol Pete, Diana, Ben10Howard and Mustache Man. (They start walking away. The controlled group is standing in front of the mystery man who is holding a remote.) ???: Good I have the heat manipulator under my control and now it’s only a matter of time before I get them all. You know what, I actually think that I should have some fun with them. (He presses a couple buttons on his remote and the controlled group sits down and the devices on their heads shut down.) Pistol Pete: Agh! It feels like someone drilled a hole through my head. ???: Greetings. I have decided to let you ask four questions, one for each of you. Oh and don’t even try to hurt me or I’ll fry your brain with a massive electrical shock. Pistol Pete: Uhhh yeesh. That’s a lot of pressure. ???: I know, that’s the point. Pistol Pete: Fine. Why were we chosen to test these? ???: Oh that is very easy. Robo Owl created a machine that went rogue and is now attempting to destroy the Earth. So Robo Owl kidnapped the best and brightest. So you were selected to keep Robo Owls name intact. Diana: Destroy the Earth! You mean the place we are on right now? ???: Is that your question? Diana: NO NO NO! I’ll think of it in a few minutes. Mustache Man: I have one. How can I gain power. I’m tired of being beaten by those who are weaker than me. ???: I’m glad you asked. Walk into the other room and I will help you. Ben10Howard: NO DON’T TRUST HIM! Mustache Man: Sorry Ben I’m done losing to Cayde. (He walks into the other room.) (The controlled group is thinking of their questions. Back to the other group who has just stumbled upon something new.) ManofLight: What is that? (A large monitor with a small indentation the size and shape of a device. It is marked with device upgrade machine and with highly experimental.) Artemis: This will make us stronger but it could kill us if we use it. Cayde-7: We have a choice use it to gain power and risk everything or play it safe. End of part 9. Everyone who is not controlled can each choose for yourself. Risk it or play it safe. Risking it- ManofLight, Independent Nazo Playing it safe- Artemis, Cayde-7
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