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7/12/2018 12:07:50 AM

A Thought Just Entered my Brain

<So... we now know the Forsaken raid boss, the final one, is female. This has spurred a SHIT TON of debates and discussions over the past -blam!-ing day. Literally this shit happened like 2 or 3 days ago. Anyway, there are about 7 theories of note. 1. Eris Morn... this doesn't really make sense unless it correlates directly with theory 7. 2. An Ahamkara. With the revelation of a "pretty" female being the final boss, I don't think it'll be this one, plus I just hate the Ahamkara in general, but the dragon mention does raise some eyebrows. It could JUST be a metaphor but there's a possibility for something greater. 3. Quria, Blade Transform. I do not think this is it. While a commander of Savathun would make sense, there's too many great plotlines you could fit with Quria's presence. Especially if you follow the Dynasty plotline. 4. Savathun. Too early IMO. The buildup she's been getting is too great. 5. Xivu Arath. Not ENOUGH buildup. 6. A commander of Savathun. I'd say this is the most likely, but for the sake of this post let's analyze theory 7. 7. Mara Sov... let's get into this possibility. Mara was MIA after the Battle of Saturn that kickstarted the Taken War. Her being alive was accidentally confirmed by Bungie during one of their livestreams. Uldren Sov has been hearing voices in his head and is determined to find his sister. So determined that he allies himself with the Scorn in order to do so. Plus there's a bit of hatred for the Last City because he blames us for the death of the entire Awoken offensive fleet and his sister's situation. The voices are coming from the Dreaming City, which is phasing in and out of the Ascendant Realm. While this Realm could be maintained by the Mindbender, the increased Taken presence suggests otherwise. To make this post shorter and for me to actually get to the dark thought, Savathun. Savathun is totally the one pulling the strings here. But, with the Dreadnaught DLC coming next year, this seems a little early to some. Plus, I did mention that the final boss was called pretty. Could be a troll but whatever, moving forth. What about Mara as a boss? Doesn't make sense, right? Well, Savathun is a master manipulator. She infiltrated countless civilization's inner circles. This wouldn't be a surprise if she got to Mara. Let me just explain that Mara flat out disappeared after the Dreadnaught blast. This probably left her vulnerable and thanks to the Witch Queen's recent power boost after Oryx kicked the bucket... well... What if Savathun is controlling Mara. I don't mean like, Taking her, I just mean influencing her thoughts and actions. That way that familiar starlight feel stays with Uldren and urges him to do things. The voice would still be hers, but being controlled by Savathun. That way we get confirmation of our next DLC boss, a reason to hate her, and make some people happy by not putting her in too quickly. So that's part of the thought, here's the other half. Say, final story mission. We "defeated Uldren". He pulls a cheeky move and incapacitates us and books it. He knows where Mara is. We follow him closely, suspicious of if the Queen allows her brother's actions. There's a brief reunion when Mara suddenly tells him to get as far away from her as possible. Uldren is confused when Mara sighs, twitches, then kills him. We're surprised and she exits through a Taken portal. We beat her in the raid, she's clearly being forced to do all this. Dark narrative complete.>

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