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The Lab: Part 2

(The robots arm morphs into a blaster and begins to fire on the team. Artemis pulls up the screen on her device so she can start hacking.) Artemis: Keep that thing away from me while I work! (Pistol Pete taps on his device to activate an ability.) Device: NO ABILITY READY. SUMMONING BACKUP WEAPON (The device moves to his palm and begins to morph into a sword.) Pistol Pete: Woah! It can become a sword too! (He then starts slashing the robot and making a large hole so it starts to fire on him.) Independent Nazo: Hey don’t have all the fun! (He pulls out his blaster and starts shooting the machine. The robot starts to shoot at him he is almost hit but ManofLight tosses a portal that teleports the shot right back at the robot.) ManofLight: Can’t have anyone being hurt this early! (The shot hit the robot but had no effect. It fired another shot but this time at Artemis she was hacking and didn’t see it coming so it was a direct hit.) Artemis: Ah! (She falls to the floor unconscious. Cayde-7 goes to protect her.) Cayde-7: You’ll pay for that! Guys take it down I need to make sure she is ok! Others: OK! (Independent Nazo starts firing into a portal made by ManofLight that leads into another portal creating a loop where the beams begin to combine into a larger more powerful beam. Pistol Pete takes off the last bit of the robots armor in a nice clean swipe.) Pistol Pete: The armor is gone! Fire at will! (The massive blast hits the unprotected robot causing it to explode. A strange object is dropped so Cayde-7 looks at it. Artemis finally wakes up.) Artemis: Huh what happened? Where is the robot? ManofLight: What happened was you got hit and was knocked out. As for the robot It’s gone. Artemis: Ok. Hey Cayde what’s that? Cayde-7: Looks like a key. (He gets back to looking and removes a blaster to add to his device.) (In a room somewhere in the lab two people are speaking.) Robo Owl: The first test went well, they discovered a new way to use their abilities. ???: Yes but the blaster combined with portals are too strong. We should remove the ability to teleport blaster shots. Robo Owl: No! That is why we brought them here, to see how well our inventions work in a battle environment. ???: You know that is not the full truth. Robo Owl: You may be right but we need them to be strong or else! ???: Remove it or I will tell them the reason why they are here. (He starts to bring a microphone towards him as he does so you see his arm is entirely made of metal.) Robo Owl: OK! Just don’t tell them. They need to be ready for the news. (He types in a few things and the computer flashes item removed. We return to the group.) Pistol Pete: Give me the key so we can leave. (He is given the key and unlocks the door on the other side there are two ways to go a small hatch on the roof or a door that says Test 2.) Intercom: I have removed the ability to teleport blaster shots. Continue through the door to test 2. ManofLight: *Groan* That was the best attack I had! Artemis: Hey later I might be able to hack into your device to reactivate it. Anyways we have a choice. We could listen and continue testing or we could take the hatch on the roof. End of part 2 You have a choice A for continue testing B for the hatch Edit- The majority has selected B.
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