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Destiny 2

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Destiny Dad-jokes to make you facepalm

The story of Destiny 2 was amazing, it left my Guardian speechless. _____ Why did no one show up to the party at Taniks’s house? [spoiler]No one liked that he kneeled before no banner, obviously.[/spoiler]_____ What is the Traveler’s least favorite sport? [spoiler]Basketball.[/spoiler]_____ What did the Warmind say to the Archon? [spoiler]Aksis denied[/spoiler]_____ What do you call a Vandal with no arms? [spoiler]A Dreg.[/spoiler]_____ How do you tell the difference between a Shank and a Servitor? [spoiler]Yellow numbers.[/spoiler]_____ What is Osiris’s favorite food? [spoiler]I don’t know, ask Brother Vance.[/spoiler]_____ What do you call an overgrown Hobgoblin? [spoiler]A strike boss.[/spoiler]_____ What do you call a resurrected Hive Worm God? [spoiler]Another strike boss.[/spoiler]_____ You know what happens why you jump-scare a Fireteam? The Titan ults, the Hunter flees, and the Warlock blinks. _____ Why doesn’t Savathûn take Oryx on a date? [i](Take a moment to think about it.)[/i] [spoiler]Because they’re sisters...[/spoiler]_____ Why doesn’t Omnigol take Crota on a date? [spoiler]Because they’ve been dead ever since you murdered both of them.[/spoiler]_____ Why did Eris Morn leave her rock on Cayde’s table? [spoiler]Because he’s dead.[/spoiler]_____ What did Ghost say to the Warlock gliding to safety. [spoiler]Guardian Down.[/spoiler]_____ Two Guardians walk into a ramen shop. The third one is disconnected. _____ Did you hear the joke about The Stranger? I don’t have time to explain why I don’t have time to explain. _____ What did Asher Mir say when you caused pandemonium among the Cabal and pulverized their commander? [spoiler]”My head!”[/spoiler]_____ *Zavala’s voice* A Red Legion message was intercepted by the Vanguard describing what we believe to be the Hellmouth on Earth’s moon. The transmission ended abruptly, but the Warlocks were able to decipher the last words of the Cabal scout as “Hive, Fallen...” _____ Cayde-6: Hey Banshee-43, just here to pick up that 100k Glimmer you owe me. Banshee-44: I don’t know what you’re talking about. _____ [b]Feel free to post better jokes. I need more stuff to read.[/b]

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