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4/16/2018 6:22:27 PM

Bring Back "No Cape" Cloaks

The cloak is what distinguishes hunters on the battlefield. According to the lore, you could tell where a hunter has been, what battles he/ she fought in, what their personality is, and/ or what faction they pledged to all from looking at their cloak. However, in Destiny 2, our style of cloaks is rather limited. They all fall under the category of typically long (covering the full back) and a full hood. The few that distinguish themselves the most to me are the two raid cloaks (Imperial's Shadow Cloak and Cloak of Feltroc). However, if you look at some of the uncommon cloaks, the majority of them don't have the cape (looking at you, Refugee Cloak). So, how come these types of cloaks don't have a legendary form or why aren't there more forms of cloaks as seen in Destiny 1? Here's a brief list of the 4 types of cloaks in the Destiny universe with examples for each: 1. Full Cape, Full Hood This is your traditional cloak that is the most prevalent in the Destiny universe. Long, flowing cape and a hood to cover your full head, this cloak is pretty much the hunter's standard form of attire. Notable examples include Lost Pacific Cape, Shadow's Cloak, The Took Offense, and much more. 2. Full Cape, No Hood This cape type has special place in my heart because the cape that comes to mind when I think about this form is the Cloak of Taniks. This is a Destiny 1 cloak and a strike specific loot that I grinded hours just to get. Similar to the full cape, full hood cloaks, this form has the long, flowing cape but (obviously) no hood. 3. No Cape, Full Hood If you ever wanted to feel like Eminem and rock a hoodie without worrying about tripping yourself on some annoying piece of fabric constantly following you around, this is your cloak. All you got is your hood covering your face and that's all you need. This cloak (as mentioned before) is already in-game but as a common cloak: the Refugee Cloak. 4. No Cape, No Hood This is the hunter in its purest form. No distractions on your head limiting your field of view, and nothing clinging to your back. Similar to the full cape, no hood cloaks, this is only present in Destiny 1. One specific example I remember is the Makeshift Scarf. It was once a common drop but got upgraded to a legendary during the Rise of Iron, and it could confuse players in the Crucible to think that you're a skinny titan (I had some messages on Xbox to prove). So, why should we implemented these 4 forms of cloaks? First, for customization. Outside of the PVE and PVP, Destiny is a fashion show with Guardians always trying to get that perfect look. By incorporating these new items, you multiply the amount of options that a player can do when designing their hunter. Second, it is fair to the artists. The graphic artists have to create full 3D models for all of the helmets and chest armor for hunters, but the traditional full cloaks limits the view of their work. By having a more exposed cloak (like the Makeshift Scarf), a player can experience the full 360 degrees of what the artists designed. Lastly, graphically pleasing. Cloaks as they are currently clip through objects constantly. Whether it be armor you're currently wearing or when you're riding your Sparrow, the physics of cloaks have them phasing in and out of reality. By creating smaller or non-existent cloaks, you won't see these graphical issues. Overall, I know that it may be a little late to expect this for the upcoming May DLC, but I feel that this a small but essential change for hunter customization.

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