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Doom of the Dragons, Part Twenty-Nine: Bounty

[spoiler]Greetings, Guardians, and here's part twenty-nine of Doom of the Dragons! Here's[url=] part twenty-eight[/url] if you missed it, or, if you're looking for another part, here's the [url=]Master Post.[/url] As usual, if you like it, give it a bump, and I'll get more out soon! Stay classy, Guardians! [/spoiler] Ming Liu carefully moved through the Russian wilderness. “Tower, this is Search Party Alpha,” she whispered. “We are approaching the last known coordinates of Strike Team Dagger-One, over,” Saint’s voice crackled in over the comms. “Copy that, Ming,” he said. “Stay sharp. We’ve already got three Guardians MIA. Let’s not make it six.” Ming looked to her left and right, and motioned for the two Guardians next to her to continue moving forwards. One of them was a titan named Jarillo, and the other a warlock named Brynne. Suddenly, Ming heard a buzzing sound that intensified with each step she took. Gritting her teeth, she stepped around a boulder, and suddenly identified the source of the noise. Three decaying corpses lay on the ground, all of them wearing Guardian armor. A swarm of flies flew between the three corpses, looking more like hornets than bees. Ming took her helmet off, and was almost immediately hit by the stench of decay. She held an arm over her nose. “Tower, this is Search Party Alpha,” she said. “Strike Team Dagger One is confirmed KIA, over.” “Any chance of rez?” Saint asked. Ming studied the corpses. In addition to the dead Guardians, she also saw three ghosts - all of them dead. “Negative,” she responded. “Understood,” Saint said. “Return to the Tower immediately.” Ming frowned. “With all due respect, sir, we should be going after this bastard.” “We have three KIAs,” Saint said, “I’m not making it six. Return home immediately. A recovery team will be sent to retrieve the bodies.” Ming grimaced. “Afirmative, sir,” she said. She cut the link. Brynne put a hand on her shoulder. “Hey,” she said. “We’ll get him eventually.” Ming looked down at the rotting corpses. “You bet your ass we will.” * * * Saint-14 looked around at the other members of the Consensus. “I suppose we now must ask ourselves the question,” he said. “What do we do about this rouge Guardian?” “Nothing,” Arach Henri said. Andal turned towards him, infuriated. “He just killed three of our own, and you want us to sit on our hands?” “He is dangerous,” Henri responded. “Going after him would only get more Guardians killed. His ghost has returned to us. Simply leave him to his own devices, and he’ll die on his own soon enough. If we leave him be, he’ll leave us alone.” “We do not know his ultimate plans,” Lysander responded. “He may yet be planning another attack on our forces! He’s too dangerous to be left alone!” “I concur,” Osiris said. “We cannot assume that he will not try to hinder us in the future. Cupun must be eliminated. Immediately.” “We should put a bounty on his head,” Quail said. “Whoever kills him gets full access to the City foundries - free of charge.” “Sounds good to me,” Saint said. “How does the Consensus vote? All for yes” All of the Consensus members slowly raised their hands - even Henri. Saint then looked to the Speaker. “Father?” he said. The Speaker slowly looked down at him from his podium. “It is a terrible thing to have to order the death of a Guardian,” he said. “But in this case, it must be done.” He looked around at the faction reps. “Spread the word; Cupun is to be given no safe passage, and is not to be given supplies. Doing so will result in immediate expulsion from the City - forever. If they find him, he is to be shown no mercy.” He stared down at Saint. “Shoot on sight.” Cupun watched as a brace of menacing thunderheads began to roll across the Russian wilderness. He looked down at the rifle that had served him so well for so many years - his Red Death. Almost without thinking about it, he picked up a small rock, and began carving into the rifle’s side. Soon, he’d etched out four skulls and crossbones on the rifle. One for Spectrum - one for Marcella - one for Kim - and one for the titan they’d brought to kill him. Thunder rumbled in the distance, and streaks of lightning shot across the sky. Cupun stood up, and closed his eyes as rain began to mercilessly pelt his armor. He didn’t plan on seeking out any more skulls to add to the rifle. But if they came for him, he would more than welcome the opportunity. [url=]Part Thirty: Mirror, Mirror[/url]

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