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How to make Slideshot and Ambitious assassin more worthwhile

So for this I would like to present another possible driving force for Destiny 2's end game activities (i.e a new grind). Currently the perks Ambitious assassin (Aa) and Slideshot (Ss) are only obtainable through raid activities and trials of the nine respectively. Each of these perks are slotted with another perk on each of the raid and trials weapons, while these are very cool and fun perks to use (Ss reloads a portion of the mag and gives slight boosts to the gun stats after sliding and Aa gives increased mag size after killing multiple enemies) they are extremely underused and typically not as effective as the other option for perks. So what I purpose is to give players the ability to 'unlock' each of these perks on the weapons that already have them (i.e Raid weapons get Aa and Trials weapons get Ss). Now what I mean by 'unlocking' them is to be able to upgrade these weapons in order to have both middle column perks active at the same time, essentially making Aa and Ss inert perks. However, this would not be a simple and fast way to obtain these, to be able to 'unlock' these perks a person would need to complete either the prestige raid, getting a 7 win ticket in trials, or completing the prestige nightfall. Completing one or all of those activities would then give the player a prestige token, this token would then be used to upgrade any of the weapons that drop from trials or the raid. Note that only a max of three tokens would be able to be earned a week per account, this would extend the duration of the grind as well as make 'unlocking' perks have a heavier impact on what you spend your tokens on. completing three prestige nightfalls on three different characters would NOT reward more tokens, this goes for the prestige raid as well as trials 7 ticket. Second, 'unlocking' a perk would not only give you access to both the middle column perks but would give that weapon a aura around it (for the trials weapons they would have the flawless blue like the flawless armor and for the raid weapons they would have a purple aura around them) Let me know what you guys think, the intended purpose of this would be to allow a greater feeling of completion and power after clearing an endgame activity as well as rewarding those who overcome the most difficult activities in D2.

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