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originally posted in: This Week at Bungie - 01/25/2018
1/28/2018 9:51:38 AM
#Feedback This is not an angry post or negative. Just honest feedback from someone who quit Destiny and has been playing ESO. If you really want to know why, here goes.... - The game became too easy. Even in year 3 you guys started taking the challenge out of the game, catering too much to solo players and lost sight of what you originally made the game. Now in D2 it's ridiculously easy to reach max levels or find a real challenge. - The game no longer has replay value, mainly due to the fact that there are no longer random perks on weapons and armor. (FYI, Masterwork system is not a viable substitute for random perks). Some casual players would complain, but MOST real players would replay content, would stay up all night, farming the nightfall, the raids, trials, just to get that perfect roll on a gun or to even get a piece of armor rolled the way they want. - More does not mean better. You guys took the "exotic" out of exotics by 1) making them way too easy to get and 2) making so many of them. Exotics were better when they were rare and very, very hard to come by or obtain basically like year 1 (Gally, Vex, Ice Breaker, Thorn, Bad Juju, Invective, Mida, Plan C, Suros, Truth). You introduced so many new ones because they were so easy to get that they became boring and so many were no better than most purple gear. - Different does not mean better. The weapon system was fine the way it was. If anything all you had to do was tweak the range ability of snipers or just use the new weapon system ONLY for PVP. The old subclasses were fine the way they were. Why take one away, just add the new one you developed giving us a 4th. The talent trees were fine the way they were. The new talent trees are not deeper, they just have the illusion of being so because they are different. Why not take the time to add to the old ones and really make players more customizable for real player depth and gameplay differentiation? The new locations are not better or bigger. Why not just keep the old planets (Mars, Moon, Venus, etc.) adding new missions that relate to the new story (like rally points or something) and also add the new ones? It actually feels like you made the game smaller. - Choose a player base and make the game for them. If you continue to try to cater to everyone (solo players, casual players, social/group event players, hard core raiders, competitive PVP) you will continue to fail. If someone is struggling to be competent at raiding because they refuse to play an online social game with built in clan options, in a social way, because they refuse to join a clan and learn raids and they expect to just hop in a raid once a month and succeed, then let them fail and move on to another game. Don't change the game and dumb it down for them. Don't give free raid gear hand-outs to these players and sell end game gear in Eververse. If someone is struggling in PVP because they lack the skill, they refuse to practice or research which guns are best in PVP or farm the correct guns, don't dumb down PVP for these players. There are so many more things but basically you tried too hard to be creative and change a good game instead of build on it. You put cracks in a solid foundation then built an unstable structure on it. I'm not sure how to fix it but my guess is the people still logging in daily and playing won't give you the answer because they aren't your hardcore D1 player base, or the ones that will be spending money in year 8 or 9. If you want to see long term success like WoW or something like that, then gather some player data and identify the players that have 50 to 100 raid completions with clan members, 100s of hours in crucible, farmed the Black Spindle quest and didn't give up until they got it, completed the original drop-ship events during the release of HoW, and listen to their feedback. Otherwise all you will have is a co-op Halo just good enough for the casual gamer to log into a couple times a week in between the other games they play.

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