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1/11/2018 1:05:29 AM

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#overhaul This game needs to be overhauled completely For a rerelease How is there only one pvp mode everything is 4v4 No option for selecting what I what to play Why is there a pvp playlist called quick play still (that's a beta type playlist with no options just like other game betas) How is there no strike loot? Why do I get barely 1 super per pvp match (only to be shut down by the other team because everyone holds supers) Why do I even have two primaries ( I understand handcannon or sidearm combined and scout or auto) but other than that makes no sense Why does it take much longer to kill guardians, but last hope with a .7 Ttk is in the game Why cant I move fast and jump and shoot without having my accuracy penalized when I play I feel so slow and weighed down Why is attunement of the sky even in the game there is no in air accuracy or mobility for that skill tree to even be in the game (it's dumb). Why is gear basically pointless as there are 0 perks or insentive to chose one over the other( no legendary gear feels strong not even raid) How is there no private matches? So many pointless side missions and no incentive to do them gear is not strong so there is no reward other than something you already have because weapons and gear is fixed, once something is earned there is no reason to grind for a better version of that item (armor or weapon) ***Eververse would not be that big of an issue if any if there was loot (strike loot, raid armor that actually have a benefit, weapons that maybe have fixed rolls on a specific gun (example below) ^Example better devils as trait can only land 3 possible traits (explosive rounds, dragonfly, opening shot) - perks are not game breaking do not disrupt flow and gives you an alternative to just one option*** and if you add master work to this option it's even more personable Level is only a requirement lock it doesn't make you stronger or kill faster ( so we aren't really powerful anymore) Where the hell is rumble? (If that gets brought back ttk will have to drop down) There is no kiosk for shaders ships sparrows Why are shaders consumable ( I only got 2 new shaders during the dawning and they came with 2 Each) so If i use them I will never have them again because it's a timed event! *** if I had a shader kiosk I wouldn't mind buying them for legendary shards or dust again as I play alot**** Strikes I like a lot but why play them no reason to take much longer than other activities give u the same rewards as everything else. Nightfall has become useless no reason to do it as you get powerful this in much Much easier events This game just seems like a play test beta with an expansion added to it

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