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Any kind user able to answer this user's quick tech questions? TL;DR included for short-attention spanners

May be getting a new computer soon and would like privacy from the gummit/other negative entities (ANCAPS REPRESENT!), not necessarily for "shady" purposes (not a chairperson of the DNC), just principled and wanting more protection for those principles. Wanting to get into cryptocurrencies for reference btw. So, almost does one get LinuxOS, either from retail or an online "build-one's-own" site (as one such site this user is looking at and tinkering with, despite it being a desktop and not a laptop, which this user would prefer the portability of, and cheapness compared to a desktop; happen to know any build-own-laptop sites or recommend any? Trying to avoid Intel-anything btw), is this something to tell/ask G Squad at retail or leave off as an option ("None" is the only other option than Windows 10 for this site) and do on one's own, if so, how? Read the link (thanks) about these "pi" computers, am in the dark on them still. The roadmap so far looks like: Get computer that runs LinuxOS, anti-virus optional, get 'zila ff browser (how? Is it something to get off-the-bat from say G Squad if retail, if not retail and online, how? Download from IE/Chrom then delete IE/Chrom? Able to avoid using another browser to get a browser?), download T O R and T A I L S as a combo, and this user should have it from there (plug in and get the wallets set-up, digital and/or hard wallets, get on exchanges, buy, transfer to wallets, hodl hodl hodl, etc.), right? TL;DR: Newb with some fiat petrodollars wants new computer, more privacy, and to get into cryptocurrencies, not shady, not doing things chairpeople of the DNC do, just principled/out of principles. What do, in relation to computers, OS's, VPN/proxies, browsers, etc. in order from store/website to finish line? Thanks. EDIT: Aha, ok, first, thanks thanks thanks for the helpful responses. Between this thread in this forum and some others in other forums, this user has a bit clearer picture now. So let this user try to get it right now....: Sys 76 (just discovered them thx for the link) sells laptops at decent prices with decent functionality and specs with Linux in the form (distro, yes?) of POP (believe it's called?) yes? These all run on Intel (unfortunately, this user is trying to avoid making Intel any bigger and avoid their b s, it's a tentacle of the n W o, don't care if AMD is a drop down, would rather that or something else than anything Intel- or Dell-related, thanks), do they make, or anyone else make, NON-INTEL laptops with Linux? Will this user just have to suck it up and go with them/intel somewhere if this recent news isn't that big a deal (what is the big deal with the recent fallout with Intel and their scandals?)? From there (site or retail, intel or not), this user goes about getting either T A I L S OR Ubu yes (not both, yes)? The hard drive is the USB which runs the T A I L S or Ubu program/browser/VPN thingy, and can be easily removed and thus nothing is left behind on an interior motherboard hard drive yes? There is a guide out there for how to get T A I L S or Ubu (am leaning T A I L S for the privacy but people are suggesting Ubu for accessability/user interface, yes? Help with this pick please) this user assumes? Can someone link a good one? So any kind of VPN/proxy like VShield or .ac or T O R are not needed now? Or still? Is T O R included with T A I L S it said somewhere? If not, one just dl's it somewhere yes? That's it from there right? Get into the cryptocurrencies and whatever and do that stuff on the one browser and clearnet news stuff on another (the non-secure one right?), yes? Thanks. Almost there.

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