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12/18/2017 10:48:57 PM

Player Feedback: Masterworks and Modifications

Since the release of [url=]Destiny 2 Update[/url], we’ve been monitoring player feedback concerning the Masterworks. We’d like to give you a list of items that’s on our list to address. We don’t have a specific date for when these changes would take place, but we’d like to give insight as to what teams at Bungie are aiming to accomplish: [b]Player acquisition:[/b][quote]• We’re implementing a new mechanism that we can use to limit long dry spells in Masterwork drops due to bad RNG. • We will also be looking at adding some guaranteed sources of Masterworks, but we are working on a broader plan to improve prestige activity rewards and it might wait until then. • We’re watching overall drop rates and usage over the holiday and will adjust drop rates and material costs as needed.[/quote] [b]Masterwork Inventory Management[/b] [quote]• We’re planning a fix for Masterwork Cores not going to your postmaster if you’re full on Consumables. • To help prevent accidental loss of Masterwork Cores, we're extending the dismantle timer to give players a larger window to stop the process.[/quote] [b]Stat Bonuses[/b] [quote]• Right now, the stat bonuses are small tweaks intended for players who want to optimize very deeply. We’re watching feedback and are excited to adjust or add more stat bonuses in the future. Once we have more information, we’ll share our plans with you.[/quote] Additionally, the in-game UI currently doesn’t have a good way to show all of the possible stat rolls. Here is the current list of Stat Bonuses that can roll per weapon type: [quote][b]Auto Rifle[/b] +5 Range +10 Magazine +10 Reload +10 Handling [b]Fusion Rifle[/b] +5 Stability +10 Reload +10 Handling [b] Grenade Launcher[/b] +5 Stability +10 Reload +10 Handling +5 Blast Radius [b]Hand Cannon[/b] +5 Stability +10 Magazine +10 Reload +10 Handling [b]Pulse Rifle[/b] +5 Range +10 Magazine +10 Reload +10 Handling [b]Rocket Launcher[/b] +10 Reload +10 Handling +5 Projectile Speed +5 Blast Radius [b] Scout Rifle[/b] +5 Range +10 Magazine +10 Reload +10 Handling [b]Shotgun[/b] +5 Stability +10 Reload +10 Handling [b]Sidearm[/b] +5 Stability +10 Magazine +10 Reload +10 Handling [b]Sniper Rifle[/b] +5 Range +10 Reload +10 Handling [b]SMG[/b] +5 Range +10 Magazine +10 Reload +10 Handling [b]Sword[/b] +10 Magazine +5 Impact[/quote] [b]Masterwork Armor[/b] [quote]• We have begun plans to add Masterworks to Armor as well. • The Armor bonuses will be more modest than the Orb generation on Weapons (in part because you have five equipped at once), but at minimum we want to provide a much requested mechanism to change the Armor stat type.[/quote] [b]Weapon and Armor Mods[/b] [quote]• We don’t have a firm ETA yet, but feedback on Armor and Weapon Mods has been heard! • At minimum, we are looking to ease inventory pressure (ex: collapsing per-slot or per-class Mods) • We’re also seeking to make Mods a more meaningful part of your loadout decisions.[/quote] If you have feedback for Masterworks or Mods, feel free to sound off! Post a thread in the [url=]#Destiny2[/url] or [url=]#Feedback[/url] forums to share your thoughts. We’ll have more in the coming year to talk about. Stay tuned. Cheers, -dmg04

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