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A “State of Destiny 2” Inspired Cake Story with a Side of Feedback.

In Destiny, Bungie delivered us cake. The cake was not to everyone’s taste but it was enjoyed by many. Over 3 years the cakes recipe improved – offering an assortment of delicious fillings and aesthetically pleasing toppings for those who still ate the cake, yum! We wanted more and Bungie was hard at work in the kitchen cooking up the next treat for us to get fat on. Behind closed doors, Activision decreed, “This cake is too bold and delicious. Over 3 years you have left little room for improvement other to add costly new options and increase portion size – this just will not do! MAKE ME MONIES!!!” So, Bungie, quilted in Activision’s warm embrace and fuelled by the ethos set out before them, got to work. “Kids these days are overly excited and hyped, replace the sugar with sweetener to calm them.” “Kids can’t read, remove any lengthy meaningful literature as not to hurt their tiny brains.” “Kids are re*arded and can’t make informed decisions. Remove filling and topping options as not to confuse them.” “The economic climate has changed so we’ll strip the “meat” of what made the original cake great and sell it back to the kids over the next 3 years – they’re stupid, they’ll never realise.” “If anyone questions our decisions, we’ll state that everything was based on community feedback so the fat gluttonous b*stards will fight amongst themselves and we’ll stay silent.” The time finally came, Bungie delivered their re-imagined Destiny 2 “one-size-fits-all” dairy, gluten, sugar and fat free, option-less cake. It was pretty and new and we wanted it! On the surface, it was a different a kind of cake but cake nonetheless. Around the edges, it was cake but I could no longer see the filling. On the top, the big fat cherry that I loved had been replaced by a cleg nut… The cake that I had once gorged on daily was now replaced with a bland cake that I had a bite of, looked closer and then put down. Ultimately, their mistake was that we’re actually adults that like to have choice and something delicious to chew on. Moving forward to present time and back to reality; I was looking forward to reading the “State of Destiny 2” blog post but was ultimately underwhelmed. The majority of issues that are being addressed now were ironed out (not perfected) during the 3 years of Destiny. The new issues that have risen from the introduction of new systems and mechanics seem so blatantly obvious I can’t believe that they weren’t addressed before launch. I don’t feel as though direct criticisms repeated in the forums by veteran players of Destiny we addressed to a satisfactory level if at all. Personally, I read articles and watched interviews leading up to the launch of Destiny 2 and couldn’t help but think “Luke Smith of Destiny 2 is what Jay Wilson was to Diablo 3” which is just awful. It seems with how much criticism Destiny 2 continues to receives I wasn’t far off the mark. I genuinely hope that the new “open” approach that Bungie has vowed to take actually sticks and continues a healthy dialog between the developer and the community. I love the universe that Bungie created in Destiny. I loved the FPS gun play and RPG elements of Destiny. With such massive changes to core mechanics and systems moving to Destiny 2 I want to see merit for those decisions because at the moment I don’t. I will continue to visit the forums to see how thing progress and play Destiny 2 from time to time but I long for the day Destiny 2 grabs me by the balls as Destiny once did. Peace out fellow Guardians. TL;DR I got fat on Destiny cake but now I'm sad to see that I and others have started losing weight in the advent of Destiny 2. I hope that the openness of “State of Destiny 2” blog post continues into the future and that one day Destiny 2 will grab me by the balls as Destiny once did. Thanks for reading.

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