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11/29/2017 11:51:40 PM

The State of Destiny 2

While the updates on in-game content and quality of life improvements within Destiny 2 are much appreciated I'm still extremely disappointed in you Bungie. Why? Because where you initially planned to have a dialogue with the community regarding the revelations that the XP system was rigged from the start against players you canceled that in favor of a couple of paragraphs of PR speak. You lost our trust and this was an incredibly poor attempt at regaining it. [quote]"Our intention was to keep slower-paced activities as rewarding as high intensity grinding without confusing variations in displayed XP values"[/quote] Stop lying to us. Your community can forgive a lot of things you do Bungie but please stop the lying. And please stop insulting your community's intelligence. You didn't want to "confuse" us with variations in displayed XP values? Is that how you define displaying factually incorrect XP values to players while secretly applying for lower values? Just be honest with us. If you felt like players would acquire all the items contained with bright engrams too quickly if they were allowed to just grind low effort activities within the game then say so. Gamers familiar with MMO scaling mechanics are not inherently against the idea but the deception implies that the scaling mechanic was to entice players into purchasing bright engrams with silver instead of playing the extra however many hours it would take to grind out the XP. If you can't admit that this was the initial intention and apologize for that then I'm afraid you'll never regain your community's trust. Your actions from both Destiny 1 and continuing into Destiny 2 keep undermining this enjoyable world your developers built and it is a shame. You have yet to actually give your community an apology, instead acting as if you've suddenly come to the realization through analyzing "the data" that showing people incorrect values in the UI to throttle the progression and waste people's time playing your game, was an agreed upon bad idea that "wasn't working as it should", as if it was some bug you conveniently didn't talk about or fix until many users starting complaining with proof. [quote]"In a future update, we intend to link these internal and display-only values together for greater consistency, and to ensure that when changes are made they are accurately reflected everywhere we report them."[/quote] And it's that lack of trust which now makes me skeptical of this line. In essence it sounds great, values in the Destiny 2 interface will be reflected in the API going forward (as they always should have been) great! But considering this entire fiasco started when fans used that API to catch YOUR DECEPTION, which you were silent on for an entire month, and used that API again to confirm you silently moved the level goal post on people so that when the throttling system was turned off players still gained no real tangible benefit, it makes me suspicious that all you're announcing here is that when you guys try to pull off these kind of underhanded decisions in the future, you'll ensure the API is updated ahead of time to hide issues. Basically what I'm saying here is you've lost my trust that you aren't just trying to fix what fans used to catch your lies instead of not lying to us in the first place. In conclusion Bungie, I enjoyed my time with Destiny 1 (despite it's many problems, *cough* story *cough*) and enjoyed my time with Destiny 2 despite it's many other problems, but "lack of communication" isn't the only issue you should be apologizing to us for. And if that's what you think people are upset about you fundamentally do not understand your community. Your community doesn't want to be treated like a sack of money bags waiting to be ringed out. We want to spend time in your universe and it's like you guys are trying your hardest to make that process as annoyingly futile as it can be AND THAT'S WHAT NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED. Thank you.

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