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11/19/2017 1:41:07 PM

Review from a casual after a month.

I have started playing Destiny 2 on PC release day, finished the story line last week and just did my first strikes. I am a PC gamer so I have never played Destiny1, I am not invested emotionally in Destiny1 all my feedback is on Destiny2 by itself. I am not a hardcore player, so I was kind of indifferent to the claims that Destiny2 lacks content, incentive and grinding, and bungee developers believe that the game is marketed for me, th. Destiny 2 is a visually gorgeous game, and the gunplay is superb. I have played both Borderlands2 and Warframe and Destiny 2 gunplay, movement and zones are vastly superior to other games. [u]So far this is how my experience so goes:[/u] the leveling to 20 is too fast, you start a new character, appear in EDZ, see nasty aliens - start shooting, see event - join event, then get some chests - shiny…, stairs under the building? - wonder where they lead? Ho…ho…ho… lost sector- what is this? Big alien boss?- shoot him!, And “Ding” I am level 5. I got to level 10 before I left earth and reached max level on Titan. All the low level adventures on the maps, with power level ~90, I am doing them now , after I have finished the campaign story… it feels wrong. I think that the leveling process should be slower and that the “adventures” should be used to get the XP to reach the next campaign mission. [b]Solution:[/b] reduce the XP gain amount by 50% overall. The enemy difficulty is very easy, yes, some encounters are hard, some bosses surprise you with 1 hit and you die, but the overall difficulty is low. The biggest killer of them all is Misadventure, The jumping platforms or Titan killed my warlock more than anything else. The end boss Ghaul is very disappointing… I died several times to the sleeping pack of dogs at the beginning of his stage and never died to him. I don’t think he even hit me once. I have friends that I play with, and when we play in fireteam, all the opposition is a joke. There is no difficulty scaling, it is the same single player adventure but played with more people. The public events are also in a strange spot, alone I can’t finish anything, with one/two another players, it is possible to finish even heroic event, four players and up it is a joke not a game. [b]Solution: [/b] make adventures, lost sectors, quests and heroic events scale with the amount of players. Make the mobs harder by % for each player (more HP, and higher damage). And Increase the number of mobs accordingly. I noticed that you can’t fail in this game, at the most you can “not succeed”, but you can’t fail. There are no consequences for death, you can self-raise after 10-15 seconds and you show up very close to the spot you died on. This make the game achievements and accomplishments unworthy. [b] Solution:[/b] I think that frequent self-resurrection is bad for the game, either your friend resurrect you, or you waste your “super” ability bar on self-resurrect. If not, you will spawn at the “landing zone” or at the bgining of the adventure and run/ride back to action wasting some precious time. now here you will say: "have you done nightfalls and raid?" these are hard! and the answer is: maybe, but that is exactly the point, the only available difficulties are: a) insultingly easy b) frustratingly hard and because i will probably never raid in this game, my only difficulty experience will be "insulting". and i don't want the basic difficulty to be "insulting", i want it to be: a) "somewhat challenging". The lost sectors are amazing, they are beautiful, (I am always excited when i find a new one). but they are limited, why they always have only one boss? There are some sectors which are big enough to have two or three bosses. Where are they? Also nobody doing them for the loot. [b]solution:[/b] increase the number of bosses in large lost sectors, and make “Elite” version of lost sectors that have hard mobs, real traps and chance for better loot. There are no real RPG elements in the game at all, the “skill tree” (tree? lets call it “skill bush”?) is funny, you have one fork in the “tree”, no real customization, and all the specs feel more or less the same: You have guy “jumping and hitting stuff with stick” spec and “jumping and hitting stuff with big plate” spec and “jumping and hitting stuff with his arms” spec and “floating slowly and hitting stuff with taser” spec. all of them are basically the same spec to play And then you have a guy “jumping and shooting fiery swords” spec and “jumping and shooting fiery hammers” spec and “jumping and shooting fiery guns” spec and “jumping and shooting purple bow” spec and finally “jumping and slowly shooting purple ball” spec. all of them are again the same spec to play. so you have three classes and nine sub classes, but only two actual specs? Why? [b]Solution:[/b] make for each class: offensive subclass (solar), defensive subclass (void), and mobility subclass (arc) make us to be able to choose from the skills and not to be locked with the same four! just: here 8 options, choose 4 anyway you want. The weapons and armors are boring, armor mods are boring. why do you even have class specific armors if there is absolutely no difference in the armor? The weapon customization is underwhelming, all I can ever do is trade some range for handling speed, that’s it… Where is the RPG crafting element in the game? where are the meaningful choices? [b]solution:[/b] make us “craft” our weapons, every weapon is modular and made from: barrel (range, ammunition type), stock (recoil), magazine (number of bullets and reload speed), scope (zoom, handling speed), trigger (rate of fire). And each part have their own perk , and the basic weapon have the main perk. When you dismantle a weapon, you can keep one part of it. and then put this part on a different weapon. this way, you find a weapon with main perk that you like, and then you look for other weapons with parts that have the attributes you like and you combine them at the weapon-master. Also, remove class specific restriction on armors except exotics (why this is even a thing in this game?) every class should be able to wear every armor.

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