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This Week At Bungie : 10/26/2017 : The Founding Of Friendship

Welcome Guardians, let's take a look back at this explosive week. More brave souls ventured forth into the Prestige Raid, following in the footsteps of World First. We'll be the first to say that we're actually pretty surprised at the amount of Guardians completing it. We also launched the wildly successful debut of Destiny 2 on PC. 4K Graphics and 60 FPS with Toggled FOV gives PC a rich and decorated spin on an already masterful franchise. We've noticed that a lot of you seem to be having trouble playing it, and we're looking into that as always. Just remember. Cheaters never prosper. - - - - - - - - - - We find that the community is very passionate about its content. However, like we've said before, you guys can burn through months of our work in 10 minutes. Take the Destiny 2 main story, which runs for approximately 8 hours, that is roughly 48 measures of 10 minute content. It took us 96 months to create that. What you guys burned through in one day took us 8 years to...wait... Anyhow, with Prestige Mode active and PC players entering the fray, there will be tons of content available, and new friendships to create. Embrace the endgame, Guardians! - - - - - - - - - - There have been reports of glitches and hacks that enable players to completely bypass all parts of the raid, both in Normal and Prestige Mode. We would like to re-affirm that we massively test our games before we launch them, and any videos you see of people completing the Prestige Mode in under 20 minutes using these "glitches and hacks" are merely cheaters. That's not on us, and we're going to fix that. There have also been tens of thousands of reports of players being banned on the PC version of Destiny 2. We want to say again [u][b]THAT IS ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE[/b][/u]. Any 3rd Party website that tracks these reports, such as DestinyTracker, TrialsReport, RaidReport, or Reddit are completely false. All bans are hand-picked by our staff, and only after careful review do we issue a ban. [i]Temporary bans that last only a day or week are not considered bans by our staff, even if the pop-up you see in game tells you that you have been banned.[/i] - - - - - - - - - - The Dawning fast approaches on the heels of the mysterious Osiris. Be prepared for countless hours of fun hurling snowballs at your friends, your foes, and even yourself if you want to capture that exclusive Movie Of The Week Emblem. When you tire of your epic battles in the snow, Tess Everis will be waiting for your money...we mean Patronage at the Silver Shop. Make sure to collect all the exclusive items from this season by purchasing our new gambling addict boxes...we mean to say loot crates...sorry, we're still sorting this one out. But for now we'll call them Holiday Joy Cubes. - - - - - - - - - - We've noticed a lot of reports of certain weapons in the crucible performing far too well or far too bad. We've isolated an easy fix and have decided to nerf fusion rifles. - - - - - - - - - - This week at the movies : It's that time again. Your favorite movies that our staff picks arrive at the end of our Weekly Ritual. Due to a small error, we cannot include the videos at the post's debut. They will arrive in the hours to come. As a consolation, here are a few synopses provided by our community manager Cozmo : 1st Place Winner : Epic Sword Montage (Not Featuring Silly Walks Wall Glitch) 2nd Place Runner Up : Epic Nova Bomb Montage (You Know DeeJ Made Me Do It) 3rd Place Runner Up : Epic Music Video Featuring Callus Clapping (To an Eric Clapton Song) - - - - - - - - - - That's all we have in store for you this week Guardians. We know you are hungry for more content, and we have that content already, ... I mean we're working on it. And when we decide to tell you, I mean... when we finally have something to say, you'll be the first to know. We thank you for your passion and your patience. See you next week, Guardians. DeeJ out. F5

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