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Why so much hate?!

Going on these forums is crazy to me. I of course expected some people to bitching and moaning but this is nuts! You guys are acting like this game has been foisted upon you and is some hollow shell of shit. This game is a great bit of fun! I guess I'm exactly the audience that all you "hardcore" players hate cause I find this game so much better than the first. D1 was good fun until the end game, the it just became a spazzed out twitch fest of smashing your head against bullet sponges until you either won or had a freaking stroke! So many of the nightfall strikes were just running away endlessly from enemies that would just rush you cause they know it took like four clips to bring them down. Not to mention the bosses that would kill with one shot and took like 5 minutes of constant 3 man shooting to bring them down which you never got a chance to dish out cause the adds just swarmed you. They had no need to use cover or flank you cause they were freaking gods compared to you. I get that I just shoulda "got gud" but I didn't have 6 hours a day to grind for the perfect roll of the only gun that was viable in the current meta. I just wanted to sit down for and hour or two and feel like I was a baddass guardian with my friends. Destiny 2 may have simplified for the casuals but I feel it's a better game for it. Now when I face nightfall enemies and die repeatedly I know it was my own fault for getting greedy or not planning the attack with my team. The adds actually hold a line and try to force you out of cover with their grenades and splash instead of just swarming you safe in their near immortality. I know it's just a way to make it feel easier but man do I ever feel it makes it more fun. Oh and don't even get me started on "the grind"... Any game that relies on forcing you to grind for hours and hours just to possibly get one specific item seems pretty lazy to me. I get that for some that's the best part but I can't stand it. Just let me play and have fun. Gimme that loot tingle often enough to keep me coming back and we are all good. And are people seriously complaining that crucible is TOO team oriented? I also miss the free for all mode and think there should be a better way to select hangs types but you complain cause now it's mire effective to run as sqaud is asinine. That's the way it should be. Back up your mates and run as a team. You can still split off if you want but be flanking or something useful. Don't just run around trying to up your personal kill count like a doof. I wish there was a way to separate you crazy people who want the game to be a slog of epileptic proportions and us who just wanna shoot stuff with cool looking guns.

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