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Assistance Required part 5

Part 5 of my crossover with my Legend Untold and OverLordTitan’s Frontier series A Captain's blades raked across my back, making me turn to face it. Two blue eyes glared back at me, the others covered up by blocks of Vex metal that was fused to the skin and armor. It's arms came up again, one appearing to be all machine and another well on its way, but I blocked with my sparking blade and drove the other into its chest. Then a weight came upon my back and I reached back, dragging off a clinging Vandal and slamming it to the ground so hard it died. Next went a Dreg that had almost stuck me with a Shock Blade, and then a few Shanks flew up in a shower of electricity as I sent a wave of arc at them from several feet away. The maze of crates ended and I found myself looking back out towards the surrounding forest. Muttering an incomprehensible complaint to Spark for not telling me I was heading away from the action, I turned around just in time to catch a Wire Rifle bar to the thigh. Bladedancer broke away with my concentration, and after I shot the Vandal I had to take a second to recollect myself and muster enough Light to heal my wound. Unfortunately, that moment of fatigue was all the Fallen needed to spot me. They began swarming into view amongst all the crates and raggedy tents as they called out my position. I took out a few with a Flux Grenade, and several with my cannon, but with so many it didn't take long for a couple dozen to gather behind cover just in front of me. I got caught by a Shrapnel Launcher while trying to reload, and as I tried to steady myself I saw several Wire Rifles charging up simultaneously. A low whistle cut through the air, followed by a flash of violet light and fiery heat. All the Fallen before me were gone, consumed by the void and replaced with streaks of ethereal flames. Boots hit the ground behind me and I turned to see William, the wisps of void still fading from his hand. "I was taking care of it," I told him, only partially joking. "I couldn't let you do all the work," he laughed. Clicks and shrieks reminded us that the Fallen were still all around. William drew a scout rifle and pointed to the Skiff above the middle of camp, "Rasis has to be in there since we haven't seen him and it hasn't unloaded yet. There'll probably be a dozen more Fallen in there, but we've already killed half of the others." "Be my guest," a waved him on, "You'll need the head start to catch up with my kill count." "Follow me then," William blew off a couple Fallen heads with quick precision and then began advancing. "Knew he was a Warlock," I whispered to Spark. "Yeah, they're always the crazy ones," Spark agreed. Together the two of us surged through the deformed Fallen like a flood. Crates were launched and blown to smithereens as William focused his grenades on destroying all their mysteries tools and equipment. Odd how he let me do most of the killing, but I understood that it all needed to be destroyed and I couldn't deal out grenades because my Light was still building back up from holding Bladedancer for so long. The Skiff's cannons deployed and pointed down at us as we came close, unleashing a barrage of arc blasts. William and I split and weaved around the path towards the ship, making it blow up many of the supplies for us on the way. "The cannons Orion!" William called as he leaped up into a Captain and brought it down with a shotgun, then moved on to a Vandal. Without delay I pulled out my sniper rifle and put a few rounds into the rotating Skiff cannons, effectively disabling them. We were close now, holding at the edge of the cleared landing zone against the ebbing swarm of corrupt Fallen. A roar shook the air, distorted and metallic. All eyes snapping to the Skiff, we watched as a massive Fallen teleported to the ground bellow, almost no skin visible underneath the covering layer of Vex growths. It formed what almost seemed like armor over the creature, or something like a chassis, with glowing red lenses covering the once blue eyes of the Fallen. All the Fallen around us began roaring, waving their arms and weapons in the air. "Hi Rasis," William actually waved at the hulking abomination. Sighing embarrassedly, I reloaded my cannon and waved it in the air for the Archon to see, "Hello ugly, I'm your funeral planner." "[i]Your death has come, ugly warriors[/i]," Rasis growled. That made William laugh. "He said almost the same exact thing!" "I know. We could be twins," I grumbled. "That would explain how similar you look," Spark snickered. "You understood that?" William inquired. Rasis began roaring again, some of his clicks and growls sounding more like beeps and whistles. "Yeah. That was some nonsense about enlightenment, corruption, and…I think killing us," I answered William. Rasis pulled a Scorch Cannon off of his back and leveled it at us. "Yeah, definitely killing us," Rush observed. The first blast from Rasis' weapon left a charred hole where William had been standing, and the next where I had been. I plowed past a few Dregs that were carelessly caught in the next explosion. "They should pay more attention," Spark commented. "They're not paying any attention!" William exclaimed, and I looked across the landing zone to see him moving through Fallen that were focused solely on Rasis as he tracked us through the crates and underlings. They were still cheering on their leader, as if spectating a fight rather than participating. "That stuff really isn't good for their wellbeing," Spark seemed torn between laughing and sighing. I holstered my cannon and drew my knives, tearing through any throats that came within reach along the path. But it did not last as Fallen that had been further away approached the action and those who had been cheering started to calm down. Blades began swinging around me, making my course much more jagged as I weaved through crates, balling up my Light in my hands. William and I met up on the opposite end of the circle we had started on, and I spotted a trail of dead bodies behind him. "You left a lot," he remarked, looking behind me. "Nope," I smirked as the line of Flux Grenade explosions tore through the ground behind me, shredding the pursuing Fallen. But then I realized we had just stopped in front of our cannon-wielding query. My eyes flickered up to see the Corrupted Archon staring down the scope of its weapon, not having fired yet because he couldn't keep his twitching steady. "Get down!" I commanded, shoving William away from me just in time to avoid the fiery explosion. Link to part 4: Link to part 6:

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