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Assistance Required

Hello everyone, this is a crossover I’m doing with OverLordTitan and Liam_Gue. It serves as a way to tie up loose ends from Frontier and a prelude to the upcoming Anibus 2 (this is not a part of my main Legend Untold arc). Here’s the links to all these stories, hope u enjoy! Legend Untold: Frontier: Anibus: [b]Assistance Required[/b] We drifted through space, the stars sliding through the heavens around us as the ship slowly spiraled with engines burning low. "Orion," my Ghost hovered in front of my face, and without a second thought I pushed him gently away to continue star gazing. "Orion, I think we've got something," he pressed, blocking my view again. With a sigh I gave up on remembering whatever thoughts had slipped away after the interruption and focused on my little companion. "What is it, Spark?" "Distress transmission from Venus, open channel to the Vanguard," Spark reported. "Play it," I ordered simply. After a moment a crackle came from Spark and another man's voice came out. "Attention Vanguard, this is the Warlock…man, that's too formal. Ugh ok listen up, I went to Venus with a Hunter buddy of mine, we've been doing patrols so it's filed and you can see who we are there. Thing is, we started seeing some weird battle carnage with Fallen bodies and Vex jizz everywhere, but no Vex chassises. Well we thought that was weird so we split up and started looking around, figured the Vex were probably still nearby doing something with their dead scraps. But after a little bit my partner in crime quit responding and I haven't been able to find him. I could use another set of eyes down here, and if we have to make it an open bounty to do so I have some legendary value gear I will reward for help. He last reported two clicks south of the Ishtar Academy." On that note, the transmission ended, and I took the controls to begin plotting course for Venus. "That worked fast," Spark chuckled. "Had to get off my lazy butt sometime, as you would say," I couldn't help but smile at my old friend. Soon I was trekking through the jungles of Venus, the veil of yellowed clouds above almost invisible through the tree cover. Shadows dappled the ground, and I flickered through them like a dancing phantom, searching for my prey. Nothing stirred outside of the gentle sway of leaves and branches in the wind and insects flitting through the air. "Two clicks," Spark reported as we reached our target area. I began sliding from tree to tree, using the natural cover to my advantage to decrease my chances of being caught as the missing Hunter had been. Nothing changed in the woods; no Fallen or Vex seemed to be occupying this area. At least, that's what I thought until I emerged into a small clearing, sheltered from view around and above by a thick wall of trees and branches. Fallen crates and supplies littered the space, looking to be only recently abandoned. There seemed to be tracks from around a dozen or so Fallen, none larger than that of a Captain's. A single small crew had been here, but why would they leave so much behind? I kicked a crate open only to find it empty, then grabbed another and shook it, finding it had nothing to rattle around as well. Whatever they had here had been used or taken, they just didn't want the dead weight. A spot of white caught my eye and I lifted a broken branch to find a Ghost lying beneath. Or, a piece of a dead Ghost. It looked like it had been torn apart by hand. Looking more closely at the ground now, I saw a few blotches of Vex Mind Fluid across the forest floor, especially at one point next to a cluster of some of the crates. Many broken branches lay around, as if something had found it satisfying to break them off of the surrounding trees and just toss them whichever way. A branch snapped. Flipping around with my hand cannon drawn, I found a Guardian slouched against a tree at the edge of the clearing, head hanging down so his wavy hair blocked his face from view. He was a Hunter and all of his weight was held up by a branch that he had looped his arm over, causing it to break a bit. "By the Traveler," Spark gasped, "He's alive." The man tried moving away from the tree, but feel on his face after the first step. I rushed over to help, hoisting him up by the arms. "Did you chase them off?" I asked in a hushed tone, worried that the enemy may still be near since this Guardian was still around. No response, he just gripped my arms and tried hoisting himself up, his head still limply bobbing. Something dropped from his mouth, leaving a dot of white on the ground. Without hesitation I dropped him and stepped back, but before I could draw my weapon the Hunter grabbed my ankle and yanked me off my feet. "What the heck are you doing?!" Spark cried. Trying to kick the Guardian off of me, I fumbled for my knife, but found it difficult to draw while being jostled by a Guardian dragging himself up my leg. He began swinging punches some hitting my gut and legs but others missing entirely with uncoordinated movements. Giving up on the knife, I planted my boot against my assailant's face and shoved him off. He climbed to his feet as I did, suddenly able to stand again, and charged at me unsteadily, his bloodshot eyes now visible along with his mouth that dripped Mind Fluid. His attack was vicious and unrestricted, causing me to wince with each blow I blocked. My fist found its way into his ribs a couple times and I kicked his knee, but they hardly even slowed him and didn't seem to hurt. Shoving off of his feet, the Hunter threw his weight on my and we crashed to the ground again where he kept swinging his limbs wildly and snapped at me with bared teeth. It was like fighting an animal. My hand finally closed around the handle of my knife and I shoved the blade into the attacker's side, making him scream with pain, but he pinned my wrist to the ground and grabbed my throat, eyes shining with animalistic rage. The metal parts of my Exo neck bending and breaking under the pressure, I kneed him in the stomach repeatedly to try weakening him enough to pry his hand away, but my strength was clearly ebbing faster. Everything started to go dark as my systems screamed failure. If he killed me, there was no telling if Spark would manage to revive me before being killed. A blur flew into the Hunter from the side, sending him tumbling off of me with a grunt. I gasped at the air thankfully, taking only a moment to recuperate and crawl back to my feet. I'll admit I was a bit surprised to see another Guardian had joined in the fray, considering how far away we were from the patrol zone. He wore blue and golden yellow armor and now lay with the Hunter on top of him in a head lock and with his legs wrapped around his waist to prevent escape. Had to be the most unusual pin I had ever seen, but it was working. Link to part 2:

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