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9/28/2017 3:11:32 PM

Honest Review and Comparison (Warframe vs. Destiny)

Hello all and welcome to an honest review and comparison of destiny. I'm going to use another game called "Warframe" to compare between the two since they seem to clash the most on any forum at any website. Before we start, let me classify something: Destiny is a futuristic first person shooter that has basic rpg elements with a progress to level system. Warframe is a third person shooter/bruiser that has complicated rpg elements and a progress to level system. Both seem similar but are very, very different in many ways. So why are they compared so much? Well, it's the grindy replayable nature that both games posses. Both are a key element that brings players back and it's the chase that brings both games to that comparison. Let's start with destiny 2. Holy hell, what a game. The subclass powers, the gun play, the weapons, everything about it feels just like destiny 1 that we all loved before. The story in the beginning is great and fills the gaps that we questioned in destiny 1. It's a much improvement of the vanilla destiny 3 years ago. However, that's just it, it's an improvement of destiny 1 vanilla 3 years ago. It should be in improvement of the current status that game is right now, not what it was. Why were the key elements players loved from the rise of iron and things later implemented to make the game great, taken away? Why were things that made people happy disappear in the sequel? Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of improvements and stuff that was kept that made the game great, but it could be better. They put such a short leash on destiny 2 and they won't let it loose for the potential it really has and that's very upsetting to veterans that see this. The possibilities are endless and they stay in the box when it comes to customization to appease new players. There is nothing wrong with this and I am glad new players get this experience, but it's the veterans that speak the loudest and made the game the way it did in destiny 1 after 3 years; not the new players. The nightfall and strike are awesome with the mechanics they have but they are lacking repeatability. The raid is questionable, but overall it's definitely different and good looking. Patrol is fantastic and you added things that keep players coming back which is what destiny 1 absolutely was lacking. I'm not blind to the good stuff, but it's hard to look past the bad to see these things when you love Destiny the way I do. Moving on... Warframe is a beast in itself. The complexity and customizations within the game is literally endless. Digital extreme released a bug riddled game years ago on PC which was focused around a fantasy world where enemies were after subjects called Tenno. Quite literally they are known as space ninjas. The game was a mess, had no story, people didn't understand what exactly was going on, and it did not do very well the first year. The rocky start, no story, long list of bugs..seems familiar, doesn't it? *cough* vanilla destiny *cough*. Digital Extremes browsed their community for ideas to shape their game from an absolute mess to something different on the market. They started making changes to something known as a mod system. Mods are dropped from enemies that form and shape the way a weapon feels, damages, and performs on the battle field. My god was this system confusing. There was a lot to it and new players hated it, but over time with guides and reading into different builds, the system worked and it actually worked really well because it gave players endless capabilities on playstyles. Along with the way you can change 5 different parts on a weapons color, add cosmetic attachment and skins, quite literally you never saw the same look on a weapon anywhere else and that weapon was yours. New players felt overwhelmed with this but overtime and adjustments, it started becoming something the game was known for. That's just 1 weapon out of the 3 you are allowed to bring. 1 sidearm and 1 mellee weapon; all with their own mod system in place. Did I forget to mention there's 20+ warframes to mod and customize with capes, armor, and level up as well? Talk about OVERWHELMING. It was complex and newcomers didn't bother touching it until later in the game. Warframes are the main characters of the game also known as a space ninja; for the people who has never played the game before. Each one has 4 unique abilities to take on the solar system. You take those super powered beings and wreck havoc in worlds with multiple enemies. You feel strong and like a god. You jump and wall run and glide through the air where there are no limits. You move freely and players love that. They enjoy feeling powerful and unstoppable. These limits does not make the game easy by any means because there's enemies in place to counter certain abilities and you have to learn to adapt these challenges. Digital Extremes took the feedback and applied it but they stuck with their core of the game which is what made it complex and different. All they did was tweak it for the players and overtime they are becoming one of the most well known developers in the market. Plains of Edilon is releasing next month and this is huge because it's something that's never been done with the game before. Plains of Edilon is going to be open world and huge unlike the close corridor game they've been working with these past few years. Digital Extremes has had their faults and mess ups just like any company but one thing any company should take note of is how much they pay attention to their community and keep them in the loop. Every week they do a devbuild stream that shows players live what they are working on. Not a news letter. Not a bulletin. A live stream. This keeps players involved and shows them how active the company is. Keeping players in the dark is not healthy for a community. Oh, and the PvP and pve? Weapon buff and nerfs are seperated. So don't tell me this can't be done because they've been doing it for years. Yes, I'm heavy in favor for warframe from what im saying. I love the direction they are going. But I love Destiny to, which is why I want it to evolve from a 'good' game to an amazing game. Let the leash go bungie. Keep in touch with the players instead of having 2 or 3 developers roam around the forums and sprinkle comments here and there. Stream your development. Post videos of what's going on. Keep us in the loop. You will be pleasantly surprised how much that will change the attitude of players who dislike the current status of the game.

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