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8/4/2010 9:32:04 PM

Lavender Town Back-story: Pokemon 731 (w/ video proof)

[i]foreword: This is kind of a long read because i included the most of the back-story, to skip this and see the video just scroll to the bottom where i have the link.[/i] Anybody remember the post about the creepy lavender town tune? I got interested and learned why its so scary than when i first thought it as just a simple tune. Not only was it strangely creepy, but it had kind of binuraul beats hidden behind the music, which caused children and younger teenagers to have side affects that would consist of extreme headaches, vomiting, unresponsiveness, sleeplessness, obsession to the game itself, and (rumored to be) suicides. Complaints of these symptoms would be reported, and the game developers would have to recall the original red/green versions and update them to remove any such beats that caused said side-affects. But the binuraul beats weren't the only thing to be removed. There was this, you could say, "rare", pokemon, oddly named, "731". You could only find it in one single patch of grass somewhere along route 7. When encountered, the original wild pokemon encounter theme would be replaced by the music for lavender town, and it would be sped up times 3. The pokemon itself first appears as a ghost, as you would see without the silph scope in the pokemon tower, and its cry was a more scary one compared to the rest of the pokemon.(even though its all just 8-bit game noises) Then it begins to turn to static until it becomes into an animation of different pictures one by one. After some investigation, it was discovered that these pictures, were of the japanese facility "Unit 731", were they did sick, sick things to people who were POW's, or very lower class citizens in any country nearby during WWII. Although the pics were low resolution, you could make out some of them, the very 1st image being the close up a man, who was actually the one in charge of the whole Unit 731 facility. The things they did in Unit 731 were considered one of the worst war crimes against humanity ever. I myself have no idea what the purpose of putting this pokemon in the game was for, or if it was even part of the goal to make lavender town a place to leave an impression on the player. I dont think pokemon has the slightest relevance to do with Unit 731, this may have been a bug/glitch that just happened to be there...or a sick joke. According to the developers, they have no idea who was responsible, so we can guess this may have been unintentional. At the same time the beats were removed, so was this pokemon. Nobody will ever know why on earth someone put it there, if it was intended. We can understand why they put binurual beats; to leave an impression on the player that separates lavender town from the rest of them. (they over did it) But Pokemon 731, i just don't know about that.... Here's the [url=]video[/url] of pokemon 731. appears around 0:39 EDIT: i forgot to mention, any attempt to catch this pokemon will freeze your game, for life, whenever you reboot it, the same frozen screen will show, and it will just play lavender town music, its like your game becomes cursed. [Edited on 08.04.2010 1:44 PM PDT]
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