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9/23/2017 3:36:06 PM

List of feedback

Hello everyone, my name is Tom. I've been playing Destiny 2 a lot & I've been enjoying it greatly. Unfortunately as I exit the honey moon phase, i keep finding myself with complaints about subtle things that didn't seem to get the best thoughts put into them. Some may disagree, but here is my list of feedback. 1. Rename Quick play to Supremacy. - Considering this seems to be the dominating game type. I feel like I play this 80% of the time. With millions of concurrent players being toted by Activision, I don't understand why separating quick play into an umbrella for the 3 game modes would be too much. 2. You shouldn't make exotics that look cool but feel useless. - If exotics are supposed to impact our gameplay, we should feel that impact. I'll take lucky pants for example. These pants make you feel like a space cowboy, but they give you a quick draw. Unless I'm using dual hand cannons, I'm never going to really feel the impact of these pants unless I'm using Hand Cannons in PvP. Dual Hand Cannons. (Kinetic & Energy Slot, I don't mean Akimbo). I honestly thought these pants were going to reduce reload speed. Lets not even mention the Mechaneers Sleeve? You reduced the already fast draw time of side arms. There is a post up of how little damage ACD Feed Back fences do which is a shame considering how wonderful they were in Destiny 1. 3. Certain Supers don't feel good without the use of Exotics - I loved Nightstalker in Destiny 1, however Nightstalker feels subpar compared to other subclasses in PVP & PVE. I use the tree with a single shadow shot to fire to "feel like a trapper". The smokes do minimal damage and thats if you throw it at them. The actual super does not kill anyone in one shot. The invis I feel could last a big longer for both the dodge & smoke. Orpheus Rig is currently the only reason i use nightstalker at all and thats because I can get back my grenade, dodge & smoke after taking down a big group. This sounds like a PvP complain, and it sort of is, but even in PvE. I feel like it could use a buff. And the orb creation perk is in the tree with 3 Shadow Shots. Why does this tree feel like its incentives are backwards. Why shouldn't the tether that is meant for big groups give you rewards for capturing them in that moment. Every other tree feels like they compacted previous super builds, Nightstalker just feels like they removed the good perks, then split it. I'll just say it, Hunters in general feel like the weakest class to play in general (PvE). I have a Titan, Warlock & Hunter all above 280 and the only reason I keep playing hunter is because I like the aesthetic and I really like Triple Jump. 4. The Light Fades 30 second timer - I can understand its existence but this bugs me because it takes away those moments of the clutch. I remember having doing Vault of Glass hard after Rise of Iron for some friends who had never done it. 2 of them had gone down after we got the boss to half health. Only one person was outside dealing with the explosive harpies. It was my friend, then I and we managed to hold it together and open the portal and kills the adds for the inside group. So it was something that 1 person did that was meant for 3 and clutched victory at the end. If someone can hold that center room by themselves and take down that shield by themselves after their friends go down and his revive token is gone. why not? I feel like it adds an added layer to the raid that isn't really necessary. The raid and its mechanics already make a full group necessary for victory, this just takes away those last minute clutches that exhibit skill and keeping calm under pressure. 5. The App could use some work - The App feels like a step back in functionality & intuitiveness. - I've had to guide people through the App so they can move gear from the vault to their character - The Forums feels shoved to the back of the app (I love the forums :P) I'm also going to give some positive feedback. I like most of the Supers in Destiny 2. Arc Strider is wonderful in PvE. I like how you broke Weak yellow & strong yellow enemies into Orange & Yellow. I like the disorienting effect you added into the game from a PvE perspective. I like the Sunshot. Thought do me a favor, can Graviton Forfeits "Black Hole" be consistent? I like the map, & marking my objectives & the new destinations in general I like the look of the new warlock armor a lot. Very nice I like the current balance of things in PvP. Despite there being a strong curve to Mida towards the upper echelon of PvP Activities, at least in quick play, I can use what I like & have fun. I like A LOT about this game. Keep up the good work and hopefully we can make this into a 10/10 with community feed back and Bungie Know how.

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