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Shadowshot is better than Melting Point [Updated]

But uh, not by very much. You might be thinking, "Everybody already knows that, fagt. OP is scrub. Muted." but there are still people that argue with me about this in Raids. Or you may be in the other camp that thinks, "Everybody already knows it's the opposite, fagt. OP is scrub. Muted." but you'd be wrong! (At least about the first part). I have numbers! [i]Melting Point[/i] adds a damage multiplier of 1.5 (50% increase) and lasts five seconds. [i]Shadowshot[/i] adds a damage multiplier of 1.35 (35% increase) and, also lasts five seconds. Now you must be thinking there's clearly a discrepancy here, but wait, [url=]Billy Mays[/url] has more for you! Shadowshot's default duration is five seconds, but using the perk [i]Blackhole[/i] can extend that to eight seconds. Although Shadowshots' debuff is weaker compared to Melting Point's, the extra three seconds allow the former to overtake the latter. That's just technically speaking though. In practical terms the actual damage advantage is negligible, like to the degree of 2-3%. Since Melting Point is a melee and will recharge faster than a super, it might be the better option depending on the situation (such as number of targets and the distance from your fist). This won't change what anyone does for things like the Raid or anything, even if they did read it, but if you ever get into an argument about which debuff is better you can shout them down and have them call you a fagt. He's the number sheet I made while doing this, if you're one of those nerds that wants to check my math. [spoiler]Control (Normal|Ultra) Body - 3656 | 3130 Head - 9146 | 7824 Burn Body - 5484 | 4695 Head - 13710 | 11736 Void Body - 4936 | 4225 Head - 12339 | 10562 ------------------------------------------------------------------- Melting Point Dmg increase - 50% Duration - 5sec Shadowshot Dmg increase - 35% Duration - (Default) 5sec (Extended) 8sec (Doubled) 10sec (Tripled) 13sec ------------------------------------------------------------------- Damage (1000 base DPS) (5sec|8sec|10sec|13sec) MP - 7500 | 10500 | 12500 | 15500 SS - 6750 | 9750 | 11750 | 14750 SS(E) - 6750 | 10800 | 12800 | 15800 SS(D) - 6750 | 10800 | 13500 | 16500 SS(T) - 6750 | 10800 | 13500 | 17550[/spoiler] EDIT: Recently it occurred to me in the middle of the night when I couldn't sleep that using Quiver on Shadowshot could allow it to be applied multiple times, thus effectively prolonging it's duration. Why was I thinking about Destiny instead of sleeping? I wish I knew. I wanted to sleep. After running some test on the theory I found using Quiver causes Shadowshot to function similarly to Golden Gun. The super drains over the course of eight seconds. It can be fired three times and shots do not reduced the meter. Thus it can be shot twice to gain an effective 10 second duration. This increases its effectiveness over Melting point to a potential 8%. However because it must be cast a second time the user will stop contributing to DPS during its one second cast time. In a group this mostly mitigated as, under the assumption all players are contributing damage equally, in a fireteam of six a single player is only contributing 16-17% of the DPS. Because of the time restraints using all three shots is not really practical. However stacking Shadowshot just causes the timer to restart. So theoretically if you used the second shot 3-4 seconds after the first, and fire the third shot [i]just[/i] before the meter ran out, also accounting for the one second cast time, you could manage a theoretical duration of 13 seconds. This raises your potential DPS to around 13% over Melting Point. Just as with the double shot you're still losing DPS due to the cast time, except now you lose two seconds. Keep in mind this is under totally idealistic and completely impractical circumstances.

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