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7/31/2017 12:12:47 AM

MUTE CHARACTERS : The Argument to END All Arguments

If forced against my will, I'd support voiced.


If forced against my will, I'd support muted.


Title. People Who Support Voiced Protagonist : "More content is never a bad thing. Destiny is an RPG MMO FPS. Our vanilla experience contained 6 legendary voice actors/actresses and Destiny 2 should re-inforce that magic." People Who Support MUTED Protagonist : "This is my Guardian. No one voices who I am. I don't want to sound like someone I'm not." [u][b]THE ARGUMENT TO END ALL ARGUMENTS[/b][/u] : [i]If a AAA Studio like Bungie is incapable of making a voiced protagonist that adds more to the story than it takes away, then they are an unskilled Studio that does not deserve the privilege of having millions upon millions of paying fans. / / Halo had a voiced protagonist that thrilled a generation of fans, to some who believe the original Halo franchise is the best FPS experience of all time.[/i] - - - - - I firmly believe that people who do not support Voiced Protagonist are in 1 of 2 groups of gamers. - - 1) They do not have a wide spread of gaming history to be able to properly formulate a valid opinion on the topic of Voice/Mute Protagonist. - - 2) Proper video gamers who simply have lost all confidence of Bungie being able to have the skill required to make a Voiced Protagonist after the complete disaster of story telling in Destiny 1. Dedicated players should not be punished due to the lack of skill and innovation from studio developers. If they are unable to learn from their past imaginations, they need to forfeit their product to a more passionate team. Andro out.

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  • The biggest problem that I have with the way Destiny does things is that while we technically have a voiceless protagonist (most of the time. I'm pretty sure that there were lines for the character in Destiny 1), what we actually ended up with is something else. While our actual PC doesn't speak, we're bonded to this little floating light that speaks for us in every single situation. It's not like our PC never speaks but has a dialogue wheel; this would allow our character to remain voiceless while also allowing the character to choose text responses that would fill in the character in the way that they want them to. Yet, we also don't just sit there silently while people deliver information and instruction to us; in every instance that I can recall where our character is spoken to, Ghost simply replies as though he speaks for us. It defeats the entire purpose of the whole "blank slate mute" that seems to be the typical goal of a game with a mute protagonist.

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