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7/25/2010 2:29:20 AM

Forge World: Object List

[url=]Forge Hub - Forge World: Object List[/url] Hey everybody, I'm sure you're wondering "Where the hell did this kid get the object list from!?" But obviously, I haven't gotten the object list for Forge World, I'm simply compiling a list that includes all of the objects we know about so far. When the time comes that Bungie releases a full list, I will replace the list I have compiled with the official list. If I am missing any objects, inform me and I will make sure to add them. Below is an image of just about every object on Forge World. [url=]Forge World Objects[/url] For those of you who were living under a rock on Thursday, Bungie recently announced Forge 2.0, and the map that would be going along with it; Forge World. There is roughly a total of 150 objects to choose from and $10,000 in budget to spend, so your creativity won't be wasted here. Here is a list of the objects included on Forge World that we know of so far by watching the gameplay videos and ViDoc. It's possible that I am missing objects, and two major objects I am missing are the Death Volume objects. I don't know what section these Death Volumes go in, but there is a High Death Volume object that kills players who pass through it instantly, and a Low Death Volume object that warns players that they will be killed in 10 seconds if they don't get back into the map. [b][u]Weapons, Human[/b][/u] Assault Rifle Designated Marksman Rifle Frag Grenade Grenade Launcher Magnum Rocket Launcher Shotgun Sniper Rifle Spartan Laser [b][u]Weapons, Covenant[/b][/u] Concussion Rifle Energy Sword Fuel Rod Cannon Focus Rifle Gravity Hammer Needler Needle Rifle Plasma Grenade Plasma Launcher Plasma Pistol Plasma Repeater Plasma Rifle Spiker [i]The target designator didn't make it into Forge World. Ferrix is sorry...[/i] [b][u]Armor Abilities[/b][/u] Active Camoflage Armor Lock Drop Shield Evade Hologram Jet Pack Sprint [b][u]Vehicles[/b][/u] Banshee Falcon Ghost Revenant Scorpion Shade Turret Mongoose Warthog Wraith [i]Civilian Vehicles didn't make it into Forge World. Ferrix is very sorry...[/i] [b][u]Gadgets[/b][/u] [b]Explosives[/b] [i]Fusion Coil Land Mine[/i] [b]Health Station[/b] [i]The Health Station is a standalone object and can be placed anywhere.[/i] [b]Powerups[/b] [i]Custom Powerup Active Camo Overshield[/i] [b]Cannons Men[/b] [i]Vehicle Cannon, Man - the vehicle cannon, man is larger and more powerful than the regular cannon, man. Confirmed by Ferrix. Cannon, Man - the cannon, man is smaller and less powerful than the vehicle cannon, man. Confirmed by Ferrix.[/i] [b]One Way Shield 2 One Way Shield 3 One Way Shield 4 Special FX[/b] [i]Colorblind Next Gen Juicy Nova Olde Timey Pen and Ink Purple Green Orange[/i] [b]Shield Door, Small Shield Door, Medium Shield Door, Large Teleporters[/b] [i]Reciever Node Sender Node Two Way Node Each node can be set up to either allow heavy vehicles, players, light vehicles, or air vehicles to pass through. The area of effect can also be changed. Unlike in Halo 3, there is no set point for where you exit a reciever node or a two way node. Whichever direction you pass through the sender node of the two way node is the same direction you will come out of the reciever node of two way node.[/i] [b]Toys[/b] [i]Die Golf Ball Golf Club Kill Ball Soccer Ball Tin Cup[/i] [b]Lights[/b] [i]Light, Red Light, Blue Light, Green Light, Orange Light, Purple Light, Yellow Light, White Light, Red, Flashing Light, Blue, Flashing Light, Green, Flashing Light, Orange, Flashing Light, Purple, Flashing Light, Yellow, Flashing Light, White, Flashing[/i] [b]Barricades[/b] [b]Camping Stool[/b] [b]Crates[/b] [b]Sandbags[/b] [b]Street Cone[/b] [b][u]Spawning[/b][/u] [i]Initial Spawn Respawn Point Initial Loadout Camera Respawn Zone Respawn Zone, Weak Respawn Zone, Anti Safe Area Boundaries Kill Area Boundaries[/i] [b][u]Objectives[/b][/u] [i]*Infection Safe Area *Headhunter Score Areas *King of The Hill; Hill[/i] [b][u]Scenery[/b][/u] [i]No known objects at this time...[/i] [b][u]Structure[/b][/u] [b]- Building Blocks[/b] Block, 1x1 Block, 1x1, Flat Block, 1x1, Short Block, 1v1, Tall Block, 1x1, Tall and Thin Block, 1x2 Block, 1x4 Block, 2x1, Flat Block, 2x2 Block, 2x2, Flat Block, 2x2, Short Block, 2x2, Tall Block, 2x3 Block, 2x4 Block, 2x4, Flat Block, 3x3 Block, 3x3, Flat Block, 3x3, Short Block, 3x3, Tall Block, 3x4 Block, 4x4 Block, 4x4, Flat Block, 4x4, Short Block, 4x4, Tall Block, 5x1, Short Block, 5x5, Flat [b]- Bridges and Platforms[/b] Bridge, Small Bridge, Medium Bridge, Large Bridge, XLarge Bridge, Diagonal Bridge, Diagonal, Small Dish Dish, Open Corner, 45 Degrees Corner, 2X2 Corner, 4X4 Landing Pad Platform, Ramped Platform, Large Platform, XL Platform, XXL Platform, Y Platform, Y, Large Sniper Nest Staircase Walkway, Large [b]- Buildings[/b] Bunker, Small Bunker, Small, Covered Bunker, Box Bunker, Round Bunker, Ramp Pyramid Tower, 2 Story Tower, 3 Story Tower, Tall Room, Double Room, Triple [b]- Decorative[/b] No known objects at this time... [b]- Doors, Windows, and Walls[/b] Antenna, Small Antenna, Satellite Brace Brace, Large Brace, Tunnel Column Cover Cover, Crenellation Cover, Glass Glass Sail Railing, Small Railing, Medium Railing, Long Teleporter Frame Strut Large Walkway Cover [b]- Doors, Windows, and Walls[/b] Door Door, Double Window Window, Double Wall Wall, Double Wall, Corner Wall, Curved Wall, Coliseum Window, Coliseum Tunnel, Short Tunnel, Long [b]- Inclines[/b] Bank, 1X1 Bank, 1X2 Bank, 2X1 Bank, 2X2 Ramp, 1X2 Ramp, 1X2, Shallow Ramp, 2X2 Ramp, 2X2, Steep Ramp, Circular, Small Ramp, Circular, Large Ramp, Bridge, Small Ramp, Bridge, Medium Ramp, Bridge, Large Ramp, XL Ramp, Stunt [b]- Natural[/b] Rock, Small Rock, Flat Rock, Medium 1 Rock, Medium 2 Rock, Spire 1 Rock, Spire 2 Rock, Seastack Rock, Arch [b]- Grid[/b] The grid is a standalone object that costs $100 and is shown in the image above. It is a solid object, but objects do not snap to the lines on the grid, it is simply for visual usage and can be placed anywhere on Forge World. [b]* = I do not know the true location or name of this object.[/b] [b][u]Additional Facts Regarding Forge World's Objects[/b][/u] [b]1.[/b] The grid shown in the image at the top of the thread, and in the object list is a solid object. [b]2.[/b] The Revenant is a brand new vehicle much like the ghost. [b]3.[/b] There are now two types of barriers; one being named a low volume barrier, and the other being named a high volume barrier. [b]4.[/b] The low volume barrier acts like a hill in King of The Hill or a spawn area, except the low volume barrier sets up a barrier that if passed, will warn players to get back to the battlefield within 10 seconds or they will die. [b]5.[/b] The high volume barrier is a more deadly version of the low volume barrier that acts as a death barrier, so when a player passes the set area, that player will die instantly with no warning. [b]6.[/b] Players cannot swim... [b]7.[/b] The teleporters can be edited to allow players, heavy vehicles, light vehicles, and air vehicles to pass though them. Each option can be either enabled or disabled. [b]8.[/b] Teleporters can now be edited to increase the size of the teleporting effect. The size of the physical teleporter will not be changed, but the area of effect will either increase or decrease. [b]9.[/b] There are no openable doors as objects on Forge World. [b]10.[/b] Armor abilities can now be placed in forge, and just like a weapon, a player can pick them up and swap out their current armor ability for a new one. [b]11.[/b] Every object has three different physical states, whether it is physical, whether it can be placed in the air when let go of, or whether it can fuse itself into other objects like with ghost merging or no-clip merging. [b]12.[/b] The budget that you start out with on a blank canvas version of Forge World is $10,000. That is almost 7 times more than what we were given on Sandbox. [b]13.[/b] There is no OLN on Forge World, each object has a set number of objects within its group that can be placed. This number is kept track of, and the player can refer to it at any time. [b]14.[/b] There are roughly 150 different objects on Forge World, not including the objective items, spawns, teleporters, and any existing items from Halo 3. [b]15.[/b] The respawn points now display a holographic spartan character above them. [b]16.[/b] There is a new objective item named the Infection Safe Zone. [b]17.[/b] Scenery type objects such as rocks are now placeable. [b]18.[/b] There is enough budget and objects on Forge World to build a decently sized map that covers the entire World. [b]19.[/b] There are 8 placeable Falcons. [b]20.[/b] There are 4 placeable Scorpions. [b]21.[/b] There are no civilian vehicles on Forge World. [b]22.[/b] Only mongooses can change color. [b]23.[/b] The target designator didn't make it to Forge World but will still be featured in other multiplayer maps. [Edited on 09.05.2010 11:25 PM PDT]
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