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As a PC player and an Xbox player, I prefer a controller. I prefer playing on my TV than on my monitor. I love the way destiny feels, you at Bungie have made an amazing game that feels great to play. If someone who is like me, and plays with the controller as a primary method goes into Crucible and the feel is different, the AA is different, it is not going to feel the same. It will feel like my Guardian is weaker. Bungie has championed keeping the feel and play the same between PvE and PvP. Maybe I am in the vocal minority, but I think this method has merit and is the only correct way to make a game like this. You guys hit it out of the park in D1, don't mess it up by unlinking PvE and PvP feel. What I see here in this thread is a bunch of people who 1. Agree KB/M is better, and equally skilled players are going to perform better with KB/M than a controller without aim assist 2. A bunch of KB/M players who feel that with Aim Assist controllers cause the scenario with two equally skilled players to flip and give the game to the controller player 3. A lot of worry that the KB/M player will be at a unfair disadvantage the way it is currently, which directly mirrors how controller players will feel if the AA is taken out. I trust bungie to tune the AA over time. Fact is, KB/M is inherently better, and there has to be something to balance out the disadvantage you give yourself when you choose to use a controller. If there isn't, then Keyboard and Mouse becomes the only way to play and compete. Nobody likes being forced into choosing an input method they don't like, and it goes against the inclusiveness Destiny has and Bungie worked so hard for. And Skill-Based matchmaking will at least make sure games are close, even if people use different input methods. Who is to say that someone's skill with a controller is less than someone else's skill with a Keyboard/Mouse? They require different muscle memory, and they both require time to master. Neither is easy to pick up immediately. The analytics will show keyboard/mouse players getting headshotted by shots that the player wouldn't have gotten without AA, but it will also show controller players getting headshotted by shots the player couldn't have gotten without the precision of the controller. And if the numbers don't show that, then I am sure and trust bungie to do their tuning. And then nerf fusion rifles.

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