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]{.../SYSTEMCHECK/……\SYSTEMONLINE\.../DOWNLOADINGRECORDING/…..\-!_SYSTEMDETECTEDFOREIGNDIALECT_!-/.../TRANSLATINGDIALECT/…….\TRANSLATIONCOMPLETE\.../RESUMINGDOWNLOADPROCESS/…….\DOWNLOADCOMPLETE\.../PLAYINGRECORDING/……….. Valus Tlu’urn’s heavy boots clanked on the floor beneath him at a steady pace. Clank. Clank. Clank. Clan- He stopped for a beat to acknowledge the Centurions saluting before him. “At ease.” Tlu’urn rumbled, and they did, continuing to stand stiffly, respectfully. He continued. Clank. Clank. Clank. His heavy steps lead him to a cyan-blue door, which parted neatly to give his bulk passage. Standing in the midst of dozens of screens, holograms and control panels, his Primus was waiting for him, constantly checking field reports and occasionally bellowing orders. When he saw Tlu’urn, he bellowed an order into his communicator and then shut down his displays. He sagged wearily, and Tlu’urn saw that his age and work were taking a toll on him. “Tlu’urn. What is the status of the intelligence gathering?” Primus Ta’aun asked. The Valus shifted thoughtfully. “Val Dro’orn has agreed to give us part of his Army to escort our research team wherever they wish to go.” Tlu’urn responded, showing happiness because he knew that was what Tau’un wanted to hear. “Excellent.” the Skyburner Primus responded. “And what about Grou’ul? What news from her?” Tau’un could see a question building in his Shield Brother as he responded. “She says that her Psions are… willing to participate. Her flayer is compliant, and her guard remain loyal.” “Primus, I have a question.” Tlu’urn immediately followed up.Tau’un saw the question roil to a boiling point, like the pressure gel in their suits. “Well, ask it.” he said. Tau’un finally saw the pressure loosen as Tlu’urn asked what he had thought about days eariler. “If you do not find me saying, very well. You are the Primus of this Legion. You are one of the most powerful commanders on this planet and a cunning warrior. Why did you not organize this yourself? Why did you send me to the Sand Eater Val and my fellow Valus instead of doing it yourself?” the Valus spilled out. Tau’un thought for a moment, and then decided to tell him what was going on. “For the last hundred spans, aggregated Psion data has shown a steady flow of Hive Tomb Ships moving from the edge of the Solar System. But this is not a grand battle, or some sudden rise. We have quietly observed them moving from planet to planet, moon to moon. These are not a horde of Hive looking for somewhere to attack-” Tau’un started. He waited for Tlu’urn to realize it. “It’s an invasion.” Tlu’urn said, realization dawning on him. Tau’un nodded. “Our hidden Psion reconnaissance on abandoned structures has also shown disturbing data. These are a new breed of Hive - different architecture, larger, stronger, cleverer beasts, and new kinds of carvings. The fact of the matter is: a new player has emerged in our solar system. The question is, what are their motives? Psion data has also recently shown that these Hive are moving a massive amount of resources, ships, and soldiers to an Icy moon known by the Humans and Guardians as ‘Ganymede’. I want to know why. The reason I did not organize this mission is that if I had, then the Valuses, Primuses, and leaders of the other Legions would get suspicious. But if it looked like you were just delivering messages for me, then the suspicious would be mostly ill founded. Thankfully I have a good relationship with Grou’ul, though. And-” the Primus paused. “So do you.” Tlu’urn looked down at the ground. “So what now, Primus?” Tlu’urn asked finally, breaking the silence. Tau’un was glad of it. “Tell Grou’ul to prepare her ship for the expedition. Tell her…” he looked for a word to describe it. “Tell her War may be coming.” the Primus fell silent. Tlu’urn turned to leave. “Brother.” Tau’un said simply, but it had an emotional punch. “Stay vigilant.” Tlu’urn nodded, and left. …\RECORDINGFINISHED\.../SAVINGRECORDING/…\RECORDINGSAVED\.../INITIATINGSYSTEMSHUTDOWN/…/SHUTDOWNIMMENANT--THREE_TWO_ONE_/…}[

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