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8/29/2017 12:23:41 PM

The Last Watch (fiction)

Just a little fan fiction to kill some time before D2 launch. This short has been rattling about my head for a while now. Finally got it up. I had a larger idea, but this is the boiled down, simplified version. You get the idea. Inspired by our Service Men and Women... who kick ass every day. Thank you for your selfless service. You ARE the Last Watch. _____________________________________________ [b]The Last Watch[/b] “One of these days, Cayde,” Zavala concluded with disgust, “Your lone wolf act is going to get someone killed.” Cayde was quiet for a long moment, his robotic expression unreadable. “And one day,” he finally replied as he turned to leave the Hall of Guardians, “Your belief that your way is the only way… is going to get us all killed.” “We’re not done here!” Zavala yelled after him. “[i]I[/i] am,” was Cayde’s flippant reply as he raised a hand to give a dismissive wave over his shoulder. His Ghost mentally prodded him for the third time since his argument with the Titan leader began. “Incoming ping for the Last Watch,” it said quietly, a frost of sadness in its expressive voice. “Damn,” he muttered under his breath. As he passed Ikora leaning against the wall where she had been watching yet another of their heated exchanges, she shook her head. “You should tell him, you know. It might help.” “Tell him what?” Cayde asked without stopping. “About the Last Watch.” Now he stopped. “Where did you hear that name?” “My warlocks talk. Zavala thinks you don’t care. If he only knew about the Watch, it would change things between you. He would approve.” Cayde turned and gave her his most roguish grin. “Well, I suppose it’s a good thing I don’t require his approval for my sense of abundant self-worth then, isn’t it?” Ikora rolled her eyes. “Must you always do things the hard way?” “Don’t know how else to do ‘em,” he returned with a mock bow. “If you’ll excuse me...” His casual demeanor fell away as he made his way up the stairs to the Tower courtyard. “Who’s available to take the mission?” He asked his Ghost. “Looks like… Aeon, Chai, and Chris of Vallhalla Team are currently unassigned. Shall I ask them to meet you in the usual place?” “Tell them they have an hour.” [b]--*--[/b] The two hunters and a warlock put the final rounds into a couple of SIVA augmented Dregs, still doing their part to mop up the remnants of their conflict with the Splicers that remained when they received an incoming message. “Valhalla Team, you have a request from the Last Watch. Please report to Cayde within the hour.” Each had joined the Watch for their own reasons. They could have ignored the summons and Cayde would have understood. His folk were a pretty inherently independent lot. However, those who chose to serve on the Watch understood that there was a tie that bound all Guardians together. A shared purpose. From wherever, or whenever, they might individually come, they had chosen to take up the final duty of a Guardian. [i]Leave no one behind.[/i] Their lives were filed with violence and a knowledge that, for some of them, a second chance at life would end on the battlefield. Even the most mighty among them could only stand so long against the forces of the Darkness, and sometimes… even the Light held within a Ghost wasn’t enough to bring them back from the brink. For the hope of some kind of future for Humanity, the many Guardians gave their last full measure. And that was why Valhalla Team stood the Last Watch. They would venture into any hell… and bring back every fallen brother or sister’s Ghost no matter what the hardship. That last remnant of their service… and their sacrifice. Few knew of the Watch, fewer still served it. But to those who did, that never mattered. Let those who needed glory have it. This wasn’t about them. Or the Team. It was about honoring the fallen in the only way that remained. Because one day, each knew that their own Ghosts would stand as their final testament, taking their place on one of the many shelves Cayde kept for just that purpose. They looked at one another and summoned their Ghosts. Time to head back to the Tower. If there was a Ghost to retrieve, they’d get the job done. Guardians looked after their own… and the Last Watch brought them home when they could not bring themselves.

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