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7/24/2017 10:46:38 AM

I may have some solutions that could solve issues that people seem to be having Destiny 2 post Beta

Firstly, a bit of context. I first got Destiny after playing Halo about a month after its initial release on the Xbox 360. I instantly fell in love with the game not for its story, but its gameplay. When I got it, i was going through a rough time. I didn't have many friends and was battling depression and anxiety. Destiny was an escape for me. When I had controller in my hand and mic near my mouth, I was no longer a lonely socially awkward teenager, but a titan, with the strength of a bull and powers that were unmatched. i really immersed myself into the game and it's lore and as a result of playing with one of my class mates, a strong friendship was born. I still remember the first Nightfall that we did together, Winters Run with all elemental Burns active. I got Ghallerhorn while he got ascendant shards. Good times Then came the Destiny hate. People calling out Destiny as being a massive disappointment and a crap game, no story and whatnot. Hearing these things deeply hurt me, and for a long time, I was the ultimate fanboy when it came to defending Bungie's creation, I frankly didn't do it a lot due to my dislike for confrontation. But I continued playing it, almost religiously, every, single, available, day. Because nothing else gave me the same immersion and genuine happiness that I got while playing this game. Now after 3 years, upon upgrading to Xbox one upon the release of the Taken King, and winning my war against depression, here I am today, hearing the most hatred and disgust against Destiny Ive heard in a long time. There just seems like there is no pleasing everyone, and as a result, the vast majority of the destiny community and even small parts of the whole gaming community in general, are borderline witch hunting people who are defending certain changes that certain people are finding to be damning to the new game. The Destiny community is tearing itself apart during a time where it should be coming together stronger than ever upon the release of the beta. Hearing and watching this happen is deeply distressing. But I believe that I may some solutions that could potentially bridge the divide between the PvP and PvE communities, both of which I personally see myself a part of. Now these seem to be the main complaints regarding Destiny 2 from what I've seen over the past several days from youtube videos and forum posts. Now these are just my personal opinion regarding potential changes to satisfy both sides of the coin, there may need to be some compromises that need to be made from both sides if there is to be a fun experience for everyone. If there are any more problems/issues that I have missed, feel free to type them below, however, I would like to try something different. Instead of simply just pointing out a problem that you have, maybe also provide a solution and a reason why this could work. Destiny 2 is still in development, now is the best time to talk with Bungie about what the community wants, lets not waste it. Some of these solutions however can only be implemented upon further player experience though, so yeah. -"Not enough powerful Supers/grenades" decrease the cool downs of grenade/super abilities and increase their power in PvE (possibly PvP depending on various stats, etc. ) (will make abilities have a more prominent role in our arsenal) -"Movement speed is too slow" Honestly I reckon once we get used to the new movement speed we will be fine, since we are all still used to titan skating, etc, but if it still continues to be a problem a while after release, slightly increase walk and sprint speed for all classes. I don't think that certain jumps should increase your movement speed, because in Destiny 1, once titan skating was discovered, controlled lift became "the titan jump". no one who has mastered titan skating would in their right mind go back to a different jump unless they want to mess around for a bit. This is coming from a titan main btw, just putting that out there. -"Slow health regen" Yeah I'm pretty sure that is simply because we don't have any armour that increase your recovery stat a lot, even if the health regen is slow with the release of the full game, Bungie can just buff that easily across the board. -"Classes now have no customisation" For me personally this isn't really an issue, but for those who may want to experiment with different perks, maybe implement a casual Strike/Crucible playlist that is purely experimental in terms of the subclass perks that you can use. You can pick 4 perks from the the two Sub-subclasses, then just go bananas. maybe in these playlists, your super/grenade cool downs and power ammo drops are greatly increased. At the end you can get some rewards, but not as good as the rewards that you get in end game activities. However, for normal crucible/competitive/end game PvE, sub-subclass are locked. -"The new weapon system sucks" I reckon that this new weapon system works very well for PvP, but not so for PvE, and I think that this has to do with two things, lack of power ammo and not much motivation to switch from kinetic to energy. Bungie have already said that their boosting the amount of power ammo, so how do we create motivation for people to use either their kinetic weapon or their energy weapon. in the current build, in PvE, you don't really need to use your energy weapon to take down shields and your kinetic to deal pure damage. During Destiny 1, one modifier was match game, where you HAD to burn down enemy shields with the same element as the shield to do any real damage. Now lets make that a permanent fixture in PvE, with some changes. 1, all energy weapons deal extra damage to shields. 2, if you match the element, you deal a lot of damage to shields. Then make it so that once the shield is gone, energy weapons do nothing to the enemy's actual health. Now to combat the increase of potential difficulty, the amount of health enemies can be decreased and so on. Power weapons could then say deal normal damage to both shields and health, but doing more damage to shields of the same element. Arc Strider I personally havent played a lot of arc strider during the beta, but from what I've seen, it is difficult for them to close the gap. I reckon increasing arc strider's sprint speed to make it very noticeably faster than normal guardians while their super is active wouldn't hurt, or be classed as OP, but I wouldn't know since I haven't personally played it Dawnblade I have had a little experience with dawn blade, and from my experience, in PvE, perfect, PvP, I would say, maybe slightly reduce the arc that the projectiles have so that the shots are more predicable. Otherwise, this could potentially just be something that players may need to get used to. Titans I think their fine as is and don't really need anything changed Warlocks I think that maybe the healing rift should maybe recover health at a slightly faster rate, then you have a sort of risk/reward choice. "Do I put down this rift and make myself slightly tanky while compromising mobility" but idk -"Too many bullet sponge enemies" Well, apparently all of Destiny 2's bosses are going to be bullet sponges according to some people. -"Our DPS is going to be way lower than that of Destiny 1" well yes and no. While yes, we will likely be doing literally less damage in terms of actual damage numbers since we aren't using both a sniper and a rocket, the enemy heath is going to be scaled down to accommodate this. I know that Bungie have made mistakes but their not completely incompetent. I've probably forgotten some issues but those were the main topics that I wanted to talk about. If you have any issues, leave them below, and, maybe give a suggestion as to potential solutions to said issues. Peace

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