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Cinder's Weekly Vendor Breakdown #4:

Weekly vendor roll recommendations for the week commencing 10/7/2017 (See the bottom of the post for the ranking explanations if you're new). [b][i][u]WEAPONS:[/b][/i][/u] [b][i]PvE Tier 1:[/b][/i] The Hero Formula (Scout Rifle)(C): Outlaw, Explosive Rounds, Firefly [b][i]PvE Tier 2:[/b][/i] Keystone 01 (Scout Rifle)(DO): HCR, Triple Tap, Crowd Control Last Ditch 001 (Shotgun)(DO): Flared Magwell, Hammer Forged, Full Auto Disassembly Required (Rocket Launcher)(V): Countermass, Grenadier, Heavy Payload, Tracking The Wounded (Scout Rifle)(FWC): APR, Triple Tap, Crowd Control [b][i]PvE Tier 3:[/b][/i] [spoiler]First Citizen IX (Machine Gun)(NM): Extended Mag, Perfect Balance, Rangefinder[/spoiler] [b][i]PvP Tier 1:[/b][/i] Bonekruscher (Machine Gun)(V): Army of One/Take A Knee, Rifled Barrel, Crowd Control The Wail (Hand Cannon)(FWC): Sureshot IS, Explosive Rounds, Hammer Forged, Hidden Hand [b][i]PvP Tier 2:[/b][/i] Each New Day (Fusion Rifle)(C): Kneepads, Braced Frame/Rifled Barrel, Eye of the Storm 44 Curtain Call (Shotgun)(C): Aggressive Ballistics, Performance Bonus, Smallbore, Final Round Event Horizon (Sniper)(C): Tacsys SLS15, Grenadier, Snapshot, Hidden Hand Chaotic Neutral (Machine Gun)(C): Army of One, Hand-Laid Stock, Rangefinder Something Wicked (Rocket)(C): Countermass, Spray & Play, Snapshot, Grenades & Horseshoes How Dare You (Hand Cannon)(V): Sureshot IS, Icarus, Rifled Barrel, Hidden Hand The Waiting (Fusion Rifle)(FWC): Accelerated Coils, Perfect Balance, Rangefinder The Wormwood (Sidearm)(FWC): Truesight IS, Snapshot, Hand Loaded, Reactive Reload The Warpath (Rocket Launcher)(FWC): Hard Launch, Field Scout, Tripod, Grenades & Horseshoes [b][i]PvP Tier 3:[/b][/i] [spoiler]Free Will III (Hand Cannon)(NM): Sureshot IS, Hip Fire, Hammer Forged, Rangefinder Zero-Day Dilemma (Auto Rifle)(C): Grenadier, Hand-Laid Stock/Rifled Barrel, Glass Half Full B-29 Party Favour (Pulse Rifle)(C): Life Support, Braced Frame, Rangefinder Anton's Rule (Sidearm)(C): Truesight IS, Cascade, HCR, Hot Swap Extremophile 011 (Auto Rifle)(DO): HCR, Smallbore, Hidden Hand Unto Dust 00 (Rocket Launcher)(DO): Warhead Verniers, Quickdraw, Javelin, Grenades & Horseshoes Teacup Tempest (Sidearm)(V): Truesight IS/Sureshot IS, Cascade, Hammer Forged, Hot Swap[/spoiler] [b][i][u]ARMOUR:[/b][/i][/u] [b][i]Titan:[/b][/i] [u]Greaves:[/u] Eon Tracer Greaves (FWC): 98% Dis/Str (54/56) High Command Greaves (NM): 98% Int/Dis (54/56) [u]Helms:[/u] Eon Tracer Helm (FWC): 97% Dis/Str (46/43) [b][i]Hunter:[/b][/i] [u]Cloaks:[/u] Novgorod Cloak (V): 98% Dis/Str (24/25) Devil's Disguise (HoJ): 98% Dis/Str (24/25) Eon Tracer Cloak (FWC): 100% Dis/Str (25/25) [u]Boots:[/u] High Command Boots (NM): 98% Int/Dis (55/55) [b][i]Warlock:[/b][/i] N/A [b][i]Ghosts:[/b][/i] Towerwatch Shell (WV): 100% Int/Str (25/25) Diaspora Shell (DO): 98% Int/Str (25/24) [b][i]Artefacts:[/b][/i] Memory of Similar (TK): 112% Int/Dis (34/51) [spoiler][b]Legend:[/b] NM - New Monarchy C - Crucible V - Vanguard TV - Titan Vanguard HV - Hunter Vanguard WV - Warlock Vanguard DO - Dead Orbit FWC - Future War Cult S - Speaker EM - Eris Morn HoJ - House of Judgement TK - Tyra Karn VS - Vanguard Scout (Shiro) EF - Efrideet X - Xur[/spoiler] [b]Tier Explanations:[/b] Tier 1: Weapons in the tier 1 section are what I consider the best of the best for the current week. If there are any excellent weapon rolls, you'll see them here. If there's no god rolls this week, I'll take what I think the best weapon from tier 2 is, and place it here. Tier 2: Weapons in the tier 2 section aren't as good, but I think are still worth your time for one reason or another. Perhaps it's a weapon just one perk off from being a god roll, or desperation buys for people who are still missing a certain something from their loadout (looking at you, Palindrome). Tier 3: This tier is for people with a bunch of bonus marks to spend. This category will contain excellent rolls for underused weapon archetypes, as well as guns that just generally caught my eye. Basically this is where you'll want to look if you really want to mix up your loadouts.

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