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Bungie Day 2017 Carnage Weekend! (7/7 - 7/9)

[b][i]Welcome to the Bungie Day 2017 Carnage Weekend[url=]![/url][/i][/b] This Year we will celebrate Bungie Day with a three-day Carnage Weekend, and Game Nights on each day, and you're invited to join! For those who do not know, the [url=]Bungie Day (7/7)[/url] is a long standing tradition within the Bungie Community. The Community usually celebrates with Bungie on this day with some friendly games and shenanigans. Also, feel free to join the Bungie Day '17 Community Event here: Our schedule this year is as follows: Halo: Reach - July 7th @ 6 PM Pacific hosted by [url=]Seraphim Crypto[/url] Halo 3 (Halo: MCC) - July 8th @ 12 PM Pacific hosted by [url=]Enigmatic Entity[/url] Destiny - July 9th @ 12 PM Pacific, Xbox One Host: [url=]Im Here to Help[/url], PlayStation 4 Host: [url=]Bulker[/url] [b]Time of day subject to change by hosts[/b] [b][u]How to sign up[/u][/b] Simple, just reply to this post with your Gamertag and the Game Night you want to join. Of course you can join several or all of them, if you want! Spots are first come, first serve. If you're unsure that you can join, you can sign up as a substitute, some sposts usually free up when the Game Night happens. [b][u]Rosters[/u][/b] [i]Halo: Reach:[/i] [b]FINISHED[/b] [spoiler]1. Seraphim Crypto (GT: Seraphim Crypto)[HOST] 2. Oh no its Colt (GT: Oh no its Colt) 3. Index (GT: Sacred Icon) 4. Commander Scurvy (GT: CommanderScurvy) 5. Camm (GT: CAMMCAM) 6. Camm's Husband (GT: ltkiss01) 7. ZER0COOL (GT: ZER0COOL) 8. onyx spartan (GT: StoredGrunt360) 9. WickedVelvet (GT: WickedSoldier99) 10. Hansinator (GT: Hansinator233) 11. Adsmak (GT: Adsmak) 12. Mr Worldwide (GT: GingerlyWalnut3) 13. Dobsfam (GT: OverweightOwl2) 14. The Dovahk (GT: The Dovahk) 15. WOOKIE ON CRACK (GT: BORING WOOKIE) 16. Enigmatic Entity (GT: D34D B4 U KNOW) Substitute: 1. Im Here to Help (GT: Jaywalkas) 2. LTazer (GT: LTazer) 3. Bill Cipher (GT: Centurion 0mega) 4. MoonDawg (GT: K9 MoonDawg) 5. Hayabusam60 (GT: Hayabusam60) 6. Swaszey (GT: Swaszey) 7. Zofo (GT: Zofo) 8. Waffle (GT: TheGreatWaffles) [/spoiler] [i]Halo 3 (Halo: MCC):[/i] [b]FINISHED[/b] [spoiler]1. Enigmatic Entity (GT: D34D B4 U KNOW)[HOST] 2. Oh no its Colt (GT: Oh no its Colt) 3. Swaszey (GT: swaszey) 4. Bulker (GT: BulkerGamer) 5. Mr Worldwide (GT: GingerlyWalnut3) 6. CMDR Ver (GT: Puny Beasts) 7. Hunter (GT: GamedCobra) 8. Hayabusam60 (GT: Hayabusam60) 9. HeadHunter (GT: Brigadier Jon) 10. Hey Im Swat (GT: Hey Im Swat) 11. Tauntaun guts (GT: Tauntaun guts) 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. Substitute: 1. Sp00kt (GT: Down2Flavortown) 2. RumblingJOSEPH (GT: RumblingJOSEPH) 3. Melvin8 (GT: Melvin8) [/spoiler] [i]Destiny:[/i] [b]FINISHED[/b] [spoiler][b]Xbox One[/b] 1. Im Here to Help (GT: Jaywalkas)[HOST] 2. Dregden Untamed (GT: Untamed Chance) 3. Swaszey (GT: swaszey) 4. FOTUS Infinity (GT: FOTUS Infinity) 5. The Warden (GT: IdealTomato3013) 6. Lykaw (GT: Lykaw) 7. K3Y Tempest (GT: K3Y Tempest) 8. Enigmatic Entity (GT: D34D B4 U KNOW) Substitute: 1. The Muzzy (GT: The Muzzy98) 2. Seraphim Crypto (GT: Seraphim Crypto) 3. Melvin8 (GT: Melvin8) [b]PlayStation 4[/b] 1. Bulker (PSN: Batman_0409) 2. ZX AQ XZ (PSN: ZX-AQ-XZ) 3. Valkyrie Down (PSN: Supershrey36) 4. Lord Revan (PSN: xlordrevan) 5. Tony_BNG (PSN: Tony_BNG) 6. Commander Scurvy (PSN: Mobiiuss) 7. Substitute: 1. Talon (PSN: talonxyloto) 2. Omnigul (PSN: Larribal21) 3. TwentySeven (PSN: UnSynk) 4. Dobsfam (PSN: dobsfam) [/spoiler] [b]LAST UPDATE: August 9th, 9:37 AM UTC[/b]

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